Employee Trucks

Curious about what we drive? You're in the right place! This page showcases the trucks we personally drive, along with a list of mods for each one.

2018 Ford F350

Jordan Powell (Owner)

Jordan being the proud owner of a custom diesel truck shop, of course has a few interesting trucks in his fleet. His daily driver is this imposing 2018 Ford F350 with a few goodies under the hood. Most notably it's got a Pusher compound S475 coupled with CCS and AMDP tuning through an EZ-Lynk making this truck a monster out on the road! His 6.4L Drag truck has quite a bit going on under the hood and suspension, we can't tell you here but if you catch him on the drag strip, he's happy to talk about it.

2018 Mods: 588hp - 1135 ft.lb

CCS and AMDP Tuning on EZ-Lynk


P1 4” Exhaust

Fleece Cheetah 63mm VGT

- Pusher Compound kit S475

Edge CTS3 w/Pyro

Kryptonite 2.5” Coils

- OUO ALA Radius Arms

DDC Valence

- Painted Bumpers

- Fuel Forged 20x10

- 35x12.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers

Trigger custom coloured flaps

It may look like a sensible truck, and it's certainly served him well, but if you find him out on the street you may have difficulty keeping up!

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2007 Dodge 3500 Cummins

Spencer Lochansky (Sales Manager)

Spencer is our resident Diesel dictionary, his knowledge of these trucks and everything that keeps them on the road means his office is always full of employees and customers alike picking his brain. Spencer keeps his diesel blood flowing using his 2007 24V Cummins! It's a modest build list (so far) but he's not done with it yet. Whether he's headed out camping, hauling supplies for his house, or cruising out to go fishing, his truck is never far away!

Mod List- 630RWHP/1190TQ

EFI Live w/CCS tuning

BBI Stage 1 injectors

BD IronHorn 364.5

BD Tap Shifter

Fass 150

S&B Intake

Flo Pro 5" Exhaust With Muffler

- ATS Intake Horn

Best known for his smile, spot him on the road or in the shop Spencer will be happy to say hi!

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2007 Dodge 3500 "Big Blue"

Joshua Baumgartner - "Baumy" (Web Development)

If you've driven past our shop you'll spot Baumy's truck form the highway, it's always clean and it's always blue, you'll be hard pressed to miss it! Baumy himself is responsible for most of the webpages and makes sure we're constantly on top of new products we can offer to you! His passion for these trucks is clear, if you pull up to the shop in a sweet rig don't be surprised to see Baumy out there with his camera taking shots!

Mod List: 698hp - 1400ft-lb
EFI Live w/ CCS Tunes


- AFE Elbow

- BD Two Piece Exhaust Manifold

ARP Head Studs

Hamilton Billet Push Rods

BD High Flow CP3

Fass 150 Lift Pump

Industrial Injection 125hp injectors

BD 364 Iron Horn Kit

Fleece Coolant Bypass

BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster

Edge Insight CTS3

Flo-Pro Exhaust

BD Performance Plus Transmission w/ Deep Pan & Remote Filter

Triple Disc Torque Converter

4" BDS Short Arm Lift Kit

BD Steering Box Stabilizer Bar

BD Adjustable Track bar

- BDS traction bars

Bilstein 5100's

Autometer gauges (pyro, boost, trans temp)

- Spyder LED Tail Lights

Just recently, Baumy stuck Big Blue on the dyno and ruffled a few feathers by setting the highest (so far) HP number of an employee truck. This beast put down 698hp and 1400ft-lb meaning that if you spot him on the road, you just might not be able to keep up!

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1999 Ford F350

Paige Paynter (Sales & Service)

If you ask anyone in our shop who's the fastest driver, they'll almost always point to Paige. Whether it's lighting up the rears (motorcycle or car) for a quick burnout, wiping the floor with the whole shop at go carts or racing across the parking lot in first, Paige is likely to do it best! So what does she drive daily? A very subtle manual transmission Powerstroke lifted 12" on 40's. Don't let the pink accents fool you, this truck is imposing, powerful, and constantly hits the dirt!

Mod List: HP TBD

- Moroso Oil Pan

- New .40 Over Pistons

- New Lifters

- Stage 2 Colt Cam

- 40/13.50 R17

- Port and Polished Heads

- Bigger Valve Springs and Oversized Valves

ARP Studs

- Blue Spring Fuel Bowl Upgrade

- Non-EBPV Turbo Pedestal

Stage 3 KC Turbo

Pusher Upgraded Intake Manifolds

- Ultimate Diesel Stage 1.5 170cc Injectors

- Hydra Chip

5" Exhaust

South Bend Dual Disk Clutch

- KC Up Pipes

- DD hpop Gear Access Cover

- BP Sensor Relocation

Paige works down in the front office, so if you're looking for some parts for your truck or maybe some racing tips then she's your contact!

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2006 Dodge 3500 Cummins

Deklan Franklin (Mechanic)

Deklan is kind of crazy. With his one vehicle, he daily drives it, drag races it, takes it on road trips, and camps in it. Making 683rwhp, this 3rd gen facelifted 5.9 is a beast. Hit the gear change right and it'll spin at the 2-3 shift while having working A/C for those heatwaves. Why can he do all this with one truck? Well he's one of the crew turning wrenches out on the shop floor. Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax, he works on them every day so fixing the daily is second nature at this point.

Mod List: 683RWHP/1312ft-lbs

S467 Borg Warner Turbo From Fleece Performance

Second Gen Gated Steed Speed Manifold

Dynomite Diesel 90hp (30% over injectors)

Hamilton 7/16th Pushrods

- ATS Intake Horn

Fass 165GPH Lift Pump w/DRP Sump

Werhli Custom Fab Traction Bars

- 20x12 Moro Metal #mo970 Wheels w/33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers

- Full Built Billet Transmission, Muldoons Fmvb

- B&M Ratchet Shifter

Suncoast Triple Billet Torque Converter

- Napc Transfer Case

Edge CTS3 Monitor

Edge Turbo Timer

5" Straight Pipe Exhaust

- Starlite SOTF Tuning

With a monster in hand, Deklan will be there bright and early whether it's your truck or his that needs a wrench!

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2011 Ford F350 CCLB

Jordan Larue - "Phelps" (Shop Foreman)

Phelps here lives a busy life. During the week he’s in charge of the shop and turning wenches under the hood but on the weekends he’s a dad, classic mustang nut, and is part of the Okanagan search and rescue! This means he’s built his truck to take him out to the woods and back again and again. It’s got almost more miles in the dirt than it does on the pavement! So hopefully when you meet Phelps it’s because you’re in our shop talking truck, but if you find yourself in the woods, you may be greeted by that big F350 traipsing out of the trees!

Mods: 550hp - 1000ft.lb

AMDP Tuning

-AMDP Piping

-2015 Engine Installed (by him)


S&B Intake

Not planning on slowing down anytime soon, Phelps brings that same work ethic to wrenching on your truck that he does to his life outside so if you’re cruising around the Kelowna area it’s likely you’ll see 22ft of F350 driving around with somewhere to be!

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2005 Ford F250

Brent Ambler (Mechanic)

Brent is part of our mechanic’s team with one of the brightest toolboxes we’ve ever seen! And the internet would have you believe that Brent is a brave person for representing the 6.0 trucks, but laying down 450+ horsepower on his own tune that still runs A/C, cruise control, lariat interior and a minimal investment he’s got himself a solid rig that he knows how to maintain! Outside of work, he’s got himself busy taking pictures, editing videos or building computers meaning there’s no shortage of knowledge!

Mod List: 450+hp

-Stage 2 KC Turbo

-Blessed Performance Tuning

-Atlas 80 FICM Tune


-BD Coolant Filter

-20x12 -44 GT-Off Road On 33's

-2.5" Level

-Bilstein Shocks

Constantly changing and improving the truck, Brent is our resident 6.0L expert who can break down everything from year changes, injector preferences and definite to-do mods for this under-loved platform.

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