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If you are looking to retain your OEM Exhaust Brake, you will want to go with the Fleece, BD, or Pusher Option. Installing the Smeding Kit will result in the loss of the factory exhaust brake.

2007.5-2012 Cummins 63mm FMW Holset VGT Cheetah Turbocharger (FPE-351-0712)-Stock Turbocharger-Fleece Performance-FPE-351-0712-Dirty Diesel Customs

Fleece Performance 63mm VGT Turbocharger


  • Drop-In Replacement
  • Max Rear Wheel HP Rating: 700HP
  • Lower EGT's
  • 2.5" "Work Stock" Legal
  • Stock Like Spooling
  • Fleece Performance Exclusive FMW Compressor Wheel Technology
  • 40-45 PSI Operating Range

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2007.5-2012 Cummins HE351 BD Screamer Turbo (1045770)-Stock Turbocharger-BD Diesel-1045770-Dirty Diesel Customs

BD 64.5mm Screamer Turbocharger

  • Can support modifications up to 690HP
  • New Low MOI Turbine Wheel
  • Stock VGT Replacement
  • Drops into the stock location
  • Integrated Exhaust Brake
  • Ballistic Billet 64.5mm 7+7 blade compressor wheel and 70mm 12 blade turbine
  • Each turbo actuator stroke is tested prior to shipping
  • VSR high speed balanced

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2010-2012 Cummins High Mount Pusher Compound Turbo System (PRC1012HM)-Compound Turbo Kit-Pusher-PRC1012HM_G-Dirty Diesel Customs

Pusher Compound Turbo System


  • A Compound set up is the best option for towing & fuel economy.
  • Supports up to 750HP with stock Holset charger and over 1000HP with upgraded chargers
  • Installation of this kit is extremely easy, simply remove your existing cold air intake and downpipe then start bolting in parts. (4-8 Hours installation time)
  • Compatible with most Borg Warner S400 frame chargers and stock-based Holset chargers
  • Designed to work with stock and most "stock replacement" aftermarket exhaust manifolds

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Atmospheric Turbo Option

Only required if you selected the Pusher Compound Turbo System

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Atmospheric Turbo Option-Performance Turbocharger-Pusher-Dirty Diesel Customs

Atmospheric Turbo

For up to 750HP, we recommend going with an S475 or Billet S476 Atmospheric Turbocharger if you are pairing it with a Stock Turbocharger. 

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These options can be utilized for both Race & Tow applications