EZ-Lynk Limited to Unlimited Support Package Upgrade (EZ-Lynk-UL)-Tune Files-EZ-Lynk-Dirty Diesel Customs

EZ-Lynk Limited to Unlimited Support Package Upgrade (EZ-Lynk-UL)


Part Number: UL-UPGR-CCS

Sale price$235.00 CAD

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Tuning Company:Coopers Custom Solutions
Add Transmission Tuning:No Thanks



EZ-Lynk Upgrade Page

Upgrade your current EZ-Lynk setup in any way you'd like! Moving to Unlimited Support, adding transmission tuning or a SOTF switch will give you all the benefits of the EZ-Lynk Device. Unlimited Updates, Data-Logging, and Chat with your Tuner. 

How It Works
  1. Choose your current tuner from the list above
  2. Enter your VIN Number
  3. You'll receive your update within 1 Business Day.
SOTF Addons
  • An EZ LYNK AutoAgent must already be owned and your vehicle must be linked with CCS, AMDP, Proven Diesel, Or PPEI. An AutoAgent is required to program your vehicle. If you do not own an AutoAgent, please navigate to your vehicle’s tuning options to purchase the complete package.
  • Please note, this is an upgrade only and only works for existing customers looking to upgrade.