Where It All Started

Where it all Began


Dirty Diesel Customs was started up in 2008 by a couple guys who had a passion for Diesel Trucks and thought it would be a good side gig. Their main business began to boom, so they listed it for sale, Jordan saw Dirty Diesel Customs as an opportunity to get cheap parts for his personal truck so he decided to take them up on their offer and he bought Dirty Diesel Customs for $10,000. The business at the time was simply the name and a handful of parts so Jordan continued his day job as a Field Mechanic, servicing and rebuilding natural gas compressors and engines in Alberta. 

It didn’t take long until the phone started ringing.. (and it hasn’t stopped to this day) and next thing you know Jordan was spending half his day answering calls and slanging parts. At this point, he rented a shop and gave it a shot as a full-time gig.  

The Ol' 6.4L


Dirty Diesel’s first shop was a 1,200 SQ FT single bay in Sylvan Lake, AB. It was just enough to start lifting cabs on 6.4’s and diagnosing VGT turbo problems. Within a few years he upgraded himself to a 2,400 SQ FT bay and started to slowly hire people that he could trust and the dream began to grow.


The Big Move

The Old Dirty ShopThe dream was always to move the business to BC where Jordan had grown and up. In 2015 Jordan moved Dirty to West Kelowna, BC and basically started from scratch (before the internet was all fancy). Jordan packed up and snagged a shop on the side of the highway in hopes of getting some exposure and growing the business into something substantial. The 3,200 SQ FT shop was terrifyingly quiet for the first few months, but it didn’t take long for the work to roll in and he could afford to hire an employee or two. After a few years, the business stabilized and the shop just got busier and busier. Each member that joined the team throughout the years played a crucial role in building what we have today. 

Online sales was another thing that Jordan had always wanted to build.  We had a website, but it wasn’t really going anywhere and required more work than he had the knowledge to do. After a lot of screwing around trying to dial in a website, the right phone call came in and we brought on a skilled website designer in house. We came to the decision that we scrap what we had, and focus on providing the best product information, the best shipping times, and the best customer service. We wanted to build an Canadian parts site that we would personally want to shop on, and since we are all enthusiasts it was easy to figure out what direction to go. Sure enough, it began to take off and people recognized the difference in what we had built.

 Where We Are Now

At this time we are a 10,000 sq ft facility with 6 shop bays. We also have Engineering, Manufacturing, and a dedicated parts warehouse.  We currently have 26 full time team members that  work incredibly hard everyday to ensure either your truck gets fixed up right or your parts get to your door as quickly as possible.  We all love what we do and have a great time doing it.

We can't thank our customers enough for supporting us because without you, none of this would be possible!