Rev Up Your Confidence with our Dirty Guarantee.

We stand by the durability and the fit of every product crafted by Dirty Diesel Customs. We guarantee that our products are built tough and will handle anything the open road throws your way. This warranty covers materials, workmanship, fitment, and durability. If our product isn’t making your rig better, we've got your back.

Warranty Duration
Our warranty covers you for two years from the date of purchase. 

This warranty only covers products that are crafted by Dirty Diesel Customs.  It will not cover products if they've been: misused, incorrectly installed (ordering the wrong part included), altered in any way not approved by us, or installed with modifications that may cause damage to the product.

Maintenance Requirements
Ensure you have correctly followed the installation procedures and you adhere to any maintenance as outlined in the product's installation manual.

Claims Process
File a warranty claim by reaching out to Dirty Diesel Customs through our Warranty Page or email us at Have your proof of purchase ready and a description of your issue, any pictures you can provide will help a lot.

When you've got a valid warranty claim, we'll give you the choice of a full refund or a replacement of your problematic parts. In some cases, we will need the original parts, so we can work to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again!

Shipping and Handling
We'll cover you for most standard shipping costs on warranty claims. We'll even shoot you over return labels for the original gear.

Geographical Limitations
This warranty is your passport to peace of mind across Canada. For our international customers, get in touch with to find out how we can help out.

Limitation of Liability
Dirty Diesel Customs assumes no liability beyond what is expressly stated in this warranty. We are not liable for any consequential or incidental damages. No free rides! Though we're sure your journey will be a smooth one.

This warranty sticks with the first customer who purchases and installs the parts, that means the warranty is for the end user, and non-transferable. No passing the torch here.

Legal Compliance
Dirty Diesel Customs plays by the rules and complies with all Canadian consumer protection laws and regulations.

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