If you are looking to retain your OEM Exhaust Brake, you will want to go with the Fleece, BD, or KC Turbos option. Installing the Smeding Kit will result in the loss of the factory exhaust brake.

2015-2018 Powerstroke 63MM FMW Cheetah Turbocharger (PS-FMW-63-1518)-Stock Turbocharger-Fleece Performance-FPE-PS-FMW-63-1518-Dirty Diesel Customs

Fleece Cheetah 63mm VGT Turbocharger


  • Max Rear Wheel HP Rating: 650HP
  • Drop-In Replacement
  • Lower EGT's
  • 2.5" "Work Stock" Legal 
  • Stock Like Spooling
  • Fleece Performance Exclusive FMW Compressor Wheel Technology 
  • 40-45 PSI Operating Range

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2015-2016 Powerstroke Screamer Turbo (1045828)-Stock Turbocharger-BD Diesel-1045828-Dirty Diesel Customs

BD 64mm Screamer Turbocharger


  • 64.0mm Billet compressor wheel
  • Includes updated pedestal & coolant tube for a drop-in install
  • Custom mixed flow turbine (MFT) wheel with a large 65mm exducer
  • Drop-in stock-appearing turbo
  • Increased airflow without compromising on low-end drivability
  • A large 65mm “mixed flow” turbine wheel increases turbine flow and retains the efficiency
  • More boost, lower drive pressure, and lower EGT’s
  • No tuning required and does not set engine codes
  • Up to 81lb/min of airflow
  • VSR high speed balanced

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2011-2019 Powerstroke KC Whistler Stage 2 Turbocharger (300870)-Stock Turbocharger-KC Turbos-300870-Dirty Diesel Customs

KC Stage 2 Whistler Turbocharger

2015-2016 Trucks will require the Pedestal Conversion Kit to install this turbo. Please be sure to add this pedestal in the next category if you select the KC Turbocharger.


  • 6.0 10-Blade Turbo Whistle
  • Upgraded Billet 64mm Compressor Wheel
  • Upgraded 10-Blade High Flow Turbine Wheel
  • Improved Boost Control
  • Cooler EGT's
  • Quick Spool Up
  • 100% Drop in Ready


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2015-2019 Powerstroke S300 E-Series Turbo Kit-Turbo Kit-Smeding Diesel LLC-Dirty Diesel Customs