Choose Your Tuning

The EZ-Lynk has quickly become the industry standard for tuning the 6.7L F-Series Superduty. If you're looking for our recommendation for tuning your truck, this is it. Both Unlimited Support & Limited Support Include Transmission Tuning.

Limited Support: This gives you 4 weeks to choose which tune you prefer, after 4 weeks you'll no longer have the ability to download new tunes, or receive updates.

Unlimited Support: Lifetime Access to all CCS Tune Files, you receive their entire library of 6.7L Powerstroke Tune Files (Emissions On & Off) including new releases and updates for the life of your truck.


 Frequently Asked Tuning Questions

Transmission Tuning

Transmission Tunes are included in both options for the 6.7L Powerstroke.

How do you Monitor?

The EZ-Lynk App allows you to use your phone as an extremely powerful monitor. However, you can always add a secondary monitor like a CTS3 if you prefer.

Unlimited vs Limited

Limited Support is great for a quick tune, however, after 4 weeks you'll need to upgrade if you want updates or new tune files. Unlimited is free for the life of your truck.

2008-2019 Powerstroke AMDP Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 3.0-Tuning-AMDP-Dirty Diesel Customs