At this time, GDP is the first on the market to offer tuning on the 2023+ Powerstroke. At this time, it is a Stock Standard Output HP Emissions Off file only. This tuning is applied via Bench Flash tuning only, so you are required to remove and ship your ECM to be flashed. At this time, your truck will be inoperable until you receive the ECM back.

You will receive an email with ECM shipping instructions after purchasing.     


  • High Ouput Models will be reduced to standard output.
  • For 2022 Powerstrokes, the EGR MUST stay in the vehicle and remain plugged in for the Emissions Off tuning.  
2023-2024 Powerstroke GDP Commander Custom Tuning (GDPCOMMSP-PS2324)-Tune Files-GDP-Dirty Diesel Customs

GDP Custom Bench Flash Tuning

  • Emissions Off Standard (Stock) HP Tune File applied via Bench Flash Tuning
  • Applicable on High Output models, however, at this time High Output models will be reduced to Standard Output Power levels  
  • Includes Custom Bench Flash Tuning, 8 Credits (required to flash), & round-trip freight shipping for the ECM

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Add Throttle Valve Delete

Improved airflow decreases turbo spool-up time, which gives better throttle response and overall power! With quality billet machining you can rest assured that you're getting reliable power gains.

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2020+ Powerstroke Throttle Valve Delete (067-INT-A097)-Throttle Valve Delete-Dirty Diesel Customs-067-INT-A097-Dirty Diesel Customs

2021+ Throttle Valve Delete

  • High-quality machined billet
  • Mil-Spec Anodized surface
  • Increased airflow
  • Easy install
  • Eliminates the possibility of the throttle valve failing

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Add CCV Delete

Recycling vapors that come out of the crankcase can feed your turbo soot, dirt, and oil which doesn't sound like it's going to extend its lifespan any longer! This keeps your truck burning cleaner and adds a little bit of style to your engine bay with Dirty Diesel Signature Red out of quality materials. By removing this factory piece, no oil residue will enter the intake which ensures only clean air is entering the engine.

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