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The MPVI3 is the industry standard for tuning your 6.6L L5P. If you're looking for our recommendation for tuning your truck, this is it. 

Please be sure to input your VIN and Modifications at the bottom of the page so we can have the custom tuning written as soon as possible.

2017-2019 Duramax CCS MPVI3 Custom Tune Package (CCS-L5P)-Tuning-Coopers Custom Solutions-Dirty Diesel Customs

CCS Tuning Package

Package Includes:

  • HP Tuners MPVI3
  • 8 HP Tuners Credits
  • Single or 5 Custom Tune Files
  • Canbus Harness (NOX Plugs)

Optional TCM Addon:

TCM Tuning is optional but highly recommended if you have the T87 TCM. Each TCM File will be built to suit and will include line pressure improvements to hold all the extra power that is made.

  • HP Tuners TCM
  • TCM Tune Files & 4 Credits


  • Has the fastest scanning, logging, and data transmission rates to ensure you capture everything

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2017-2019 Duramax AMDP MPVI Custom Tune Package (MPVI3-17-19-AMDP-L5P)-Tuning-AMDP-Dirty Diesel Customs

AMDP Tuning Package

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ECM Unlock Method

You will need to unlock the ECM in order to apply custom tuning onto your L5P. 


These unlocked ECM's will not be able to communicate with the GM Factory Tools, GM will not be able to flash or modify your ECM for recalls anymore.