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The Derringer Tuner is dyno calibrated to use multiple data inputs such as throttle position, rpm, vehicle speed, AFR, Knock and coolant temperature, just like your engine's ECU. Its microprocessor-based electronics are able to actively and safely optimize calibrations in real-time, and if it detects any malfunction; it instantly bypasses itself, sets a device diagnostic code and returns you to stock power. The Banks tuner is an amazing way to safely optimize power, just plug it in to your OBII and you're good to go!

2014-2018 1500 EcoDiesel Derringer Tuner (66xxx)-Tuning-Banks Power-66681-Dirty Diesel Customs

Derringer Tuner w/ SuperGauge


  • Easy Install
  • Loaded with Features
  • Value Priced
  • Adds up to 40 hp and 63 lb-ft
  • Shaves 4 seconds off 0-100 mph times
  • 6 power levels
  • Interfaces with OBDII Port to communicate directly with the vehicle ECU

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Throttle Sensitivity Booster

If you want to wake up a lot of the throttle lag and get rid of that sluggish feeling you might be experiencing with the new drive-by-wire setups, then the Banks Pedal Monster will give your truck a whole new feeling of control!

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