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The MPVI2 is the industry standard for tuning your 6.6L L5P. If you're looking for our recommendation for tuning your truck, this is it. 

Please be sure to input your VIN and Modifications at the bottom of the page so we can have the custom tuning written as soon as possible.

2020+ Duramax CCS Custom Tune Package (CCS-L5P)-Tuning-Coopers Custom Solutions-Dirty Diesel Customs

CSS Tuning Package

Package Includes:

  • HP Tuners MPVI2
  • HP Tuners L5P ECM (E41) & 8 Credits
  • 5 Custom Tune Files
  • Canbus Harness (NOX Plugs)

  • Power Level:

    • Stock Delete
    • +45HP
    • +75HP
    • +90HP
    • +120HP


    These unlocked ECM's will not be able to communicate with the GM Factory Tools, GM will not be able to flash or modify your ECM for recalls anymore.

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    Add EGR Delete

    When purchasing delete tunes, the new programming will automatically close the existing EGR valve to prevent any gasses from being recirculated. This means you don't need to fully delete your EGR in order to reap the benefits. However, with this option, you are relying on the OEM EGR valve to maintain a seal that can cause issues if it starts to leak.

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    2020+ Duramax EGR Solution Package (L5P-EGR-A045)-EGR Delete-Dirty Diesel Customs-L5P-EGR-A045-Dirty Diesel Customs

    2020+ Duramax EGR Delete


    Clears up room in your engine bay by fully removing the problematic EGR system, giving you that clean factory-look install that is topped off with our very own Dirty logo.

    Increased Performance

    Reduces carbon deposits in the intake which in turn decreases restriction, lowers EGT's, and gains a quicker turbine spool.

    Canadian Made

    Proudly made in Canada! 

    Long Lasting

    This kit has been made from CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum, T304 Stainless Steel, and then anodized to ensure long lasting quality.

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    These cannot be shipped to the USA.
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    Add 3.5" Downpipe

    We recommend adding the 3.5" L5P Downpipe to replace your crushed factory downpipe and DOC. It connects to your OE turbo outlet flange and mates with your OEM or aftermarket Race Exhaust System with a 4-bolt flange. Made of high polish stainless steel, It comes with a high-quality heat wrap kit. 

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    2020-2021 Duramax 3.5" L5P Downpipe (L5P-EXH-A004-0249)-Downpipe-Dirty Diesel Customs-L5P-EXH-A004-0249-Dirty Diesel Customs

    3.5" L5P Downpipe


    • Pre-Built Heater Hose Assemblies w/ Quick Connect Fittings
    • Stainless Steel Y-Bridge Port Block Off Plate
    • Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Block Off Plate
    • Mil-Spec Anodized Aluminum Thermostat Bridge Billet Block Off w/ O-Ring
    • 9th Injector Plug
    • Coolant Line Plugs & Caps
    • All Necessary Gaskets & Hardware
    • Proudly Made In North America

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    Tuner Harness Plug Kit
    • Keeps water, dirt & debris out of your trucks harness 

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    2017-2021 Duramax Tuner Harness Plug Kit (GML5PKIT)-Tuner Harness Plugs-Shibby Engineering-GML5PKIT-Dirty Diesel Customs

    2017-2021 Tuner Harness Plug Kit

    • Keeps water, dirt & debris out of your trucks harness 

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    Add Exhaust System

    If you're 'delete tuning' your truck, you'll need an exhaust system. This is where you'll choose how loud you want your truck to be, you won't notice any power gains with a larger exhaust or straight pipe kit. It all comes down to preference here!

    Note: These Exhaust Systems are designed to fit all Wheelbase & Cab Configurations unless otherwise specified.