S&B Filters
Part Number: 75-5136

2020 Duramax Cold Air Intake Kit (75-5136)

$440.86 CAD
This product ships for free to most Canadian locations! Learn more.
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S&B Filters
Part Number: 75-5136

2020 Duramax Cold Air Intake Kit (75-5136)

$440.86 CAD
This product ships for free to most Canadian locations! Learn more.
$440.86 CAD
These cannot be shipped to the USA. Learn more

Fits: 2020 GM L5P w/ 6.6L Duramax


The S&B 75-5136 Intake Kit has been engineered to give you some impressive airflow gains on your 2020 GM 6.6L L5P. This kit will come with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat. With an efficiency rating of up to 99.26% at the highest-rated CFM and an airflow improvement of up to 51.83%, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality filter that will increase performance while still protecting your truck!  



  • Improved throttle response
  • 51.83% Airflow Increase over Stock
  • Bolt-on Installation
  • 99.26% Efficiency @ 570CFM 
  • Oiled or Dry Filter Options
  • Multiple Airflow Configurations
  • No Check Engine Lights



S&B's new snap-In lid design requires no screws to secure it to the box. This makes installation and inspection quick and easy, as the filter can be installed and removed without having to remove the intake tube. Their silicone edge trim ensures an airtight seal, protecting against unwanted, power-robbing engine heat. (Patent Pending)



The air filter, coupler, lid seal and box plug are all made with silicone. Silicone is a premium rubber that will seal better and last longer. It handles temperatures as high as 400F without cracking or tearing and won't deteriorate over time.



More air equals better performance. The Duramax L5P 6.6L intake features three air inlet points. If you want to customize the amount of air you take in, S&B provides an optional box plug that can seal off one inlet point.

When to use the Box Plug?
Stock intake boxes are a significant contributor to poor airflow which is why S&B designs custom air boxes with secondary and/or enlarged openings. With that said, S&B recognizes the benefits of cooler air, so they have included a plug to seal off the opening if desired. For optimal performance, S&B recommends that the intake be used without the box plug, except in conditions of an extreme heatwave.



The L5P intake kit features a silicone air scoop seal that integrates with the OEM hood scoop and feeds air to the filter. More airflow equals better performance.


Installation Process


 Click Here For Installation Instructions


Test Results

S&B tests are performed in their climate-controlled laboratory according to the ISO5011 Test Standard. They also test at the highest-rated CFM for your vehicle when determining the efficiency rate to ensure your engine will be protected. To view these test results, Please Click Here.


Part Number: 75-5136 & 75-5136D


Ask a Question
  • Do I need to run custom tuning to install this Intake Kit?

    No custom tuning is required. S&B kits are designed to work with the stock system and you will not receive any CEL's (Check engine lights) during normal operation of the vehicle.

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