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Derringer is a plug-and-play solution for the L5P Duramax. It connects to your truck via the OBDII port and gives you 6 different power levels to choose from and has ActiveSafety to protect your engine. The Derringer doesn't write anything on your ECU, it only adapts the parameters to safely make more power. This means the tuner is untraceable by the dealer and will not void your warranty. 

2020-2023 Duramax L5P Derringer Tuner w/ Super Gauge (67102)-Tuning-Banks Power-67100-Dirty Diesel Customs

Derringer Tuner w/ Super Gauge


  •  The best warranty friendly tuner available for the L5P Duramax
  •  Derringer works like your engines ECU and is constantly updating multiple data inputs every second
  • 81HP & 144ft-lb Gains!
  • 6 Power Levels on the Fly
  • Warranty Friendly
  • ActiveSafety Protects Engine & Powertrain
  • Interfaces with OBDII
  • Logs 100 Parameters at Once

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Add Exhaust System

Higher flow, lower EGTs, and a greater sound means that these exhausts are a great addition to your truck for both performance and style.

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2020-2022 Duramax 2500/3500 5" Single Exit Exhaust (48997)-Filter Back Exhaust System-Banks Power-Dirty Diesel Customs

5" Filter Back Exhaust System


  • 15% Reduction in Exhaust Temp 2 Feet From Tip During Regen
  • Huge patented 6.5" x 7.5" ob-round slash-cut exhaust tip
  • A chrome-plated stainless tip that will not turn brown with heat
  • 85% less backpressure than stock

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Add an Intake

Adding an intake isn't about power, it's about reducing the restriction, increasing efficiency, while maintaining strict filtration standards. These kits are offered with a Oil Cleanable Filter and Dry Disposable.

The Oiled Filter is recommended for those that mainly use their trucks for City or Highway driving and would rather clean their filter instead of replacing it.

The Dry Disposable is a better option if your truck frequently sees dusty environments or you'd rather toss out your filter instead of cleaning it.

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2020-2022 Duramax Cold Air Intake Kit (75-5136)-Intake Kit-S&B Filters-75-5136-Dirty Diesel Customs

S&B 755136 Intake Kit

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