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Derringer is a plug-and-play solution for the L5P Duramax. It connects to your truck via the OBDII port and gives you 6 different power levels to choose from and has ActiveSafety to protect your engine. The Derringer doesn't write anything on your ECU, it only adapts the parameters to safely make more power. This means the tuner is untraceable by the dealer and will not void your warranty. 

2020-2023 Duramax L5P Derringer Tuner w/ Super Gauge (67102)-Tuning-Banks Power-67100-Dirty Diesel Customs

Derringer Tuner w/ Super Gauge


  •  The best warranty friendly tuner available for the L5P Duramax
  •  Derringer works like your engines ECU and is constantly updating multiple data inputs every second
  • 81HP & 144ft-lb Gains!
  • 6 Power Levels on the Fly
  • Warranty Friendly
  • ActiveSafety Protects Engine & Powertrain
  • Interfaces with OBDII
  • Logs 100 Parameters at Once

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