Disclaimer of Liability



This product is not intended for the use on highways. Please refrain from using this product until “you” (the Buyer(s)) have carefully read DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS Disclaimer. Please be sure to obey all of the local, provincial, state and federal laws. The purchase of this Product indicates that you have read, accept and understand all of the terms in DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS DISCLAIMER.

  1. DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS (the Seller) shall not be responsible or liable for any products use, service and proper installation. As well as any damage that may occur to the vehicle's components as a result of modifications. Be aware that this product may void or affect warranty and may affect the ability for your dealer to diagnose any problem to your vehicle. It would be advised to check with your local dealer before initiating any modifications and consult your vehicle warranty. Again please be advised this is to be used as an off-road product and is not intended for highway use. DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS is not responsible or liable for the voidance of the Buyer’s vehicle warranty due to use of this product.
  2. The Buyer(s) acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible and waives all liabilities implied by the law or otherwise stated in regards to installation of any high-performance off-road product. The Buyer(s) acknowledges and agrees with the disclaimer of any liability for personal injury or damage to occur that DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS (Seller) is not liable and the Buyer(s) holds the Seller (DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS) harmless from any claim related to the item of equipment purchased. Under no such circumstance shall DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS be liable or responsible for any expense, damage or injury by use or sale of any such equipment.
  3. The Buyer(s) agrees and understands to operate his or her vehicle in a safe and legal manner at all times, regardless of any feature or function of the Sellers product.
  4. The Buyer(s) agrees and understands that his or her vehicle is not driven faster than the speed limit or speed rating of the tires on the vehicle in which the Sellers product is installed.
  5. The Buyer(s) agrees and understands that MAXIMUM speed rating or RPM of the engine is not exceeded while operating the vehicle.
  6. Under no circumstance or case will the Seller (DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS) be held responsible or liable, and the Buyer(s) assumes all responsibility and risk, for personal injury, property damage, and/or death that may occur in the event the Buyer(s) violates the law or exceeds the above-mentioned limits, operates his or her vehicle in an unsafe manner or misuses this product.
  7. The Buyer(s) assumes full responsibility and under no circumstance will the Seller (DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS) be liable for any labor fee’s or travel time occurred with removal, reinstallation or diagnostics for defects of this product or any other expenses that may occur after installation.
  8. By purchasing this product, the Buyer(s) takes full liability/responsibility to OBEY Federal, Provincial, State and Local laws regarding emission standards. In the United States of America, the Clean Air Act can be found at http://www.epa.gov/air/caa/. In Canada see the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999(CEPA) found at http://www.ec.gc.ca/lcpe-cepa/eng/regulations/detailReg.cfm?intReg=65. Each Province, State, and Country may have different standards, this product is not intended for on-highway use and is to be used as an OFF ROAD/ RACE COMPETITION product only. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to confirm that all Emission, Noise, and Speed related laws are followed. DIRTY DIESEL CUSTOMS is not responsible for how the Buyer(s) operates his/her vehicle after purchase and or installation of any product.

By purchasing this item the Buyer(s) fully read, agrees, accepts, and understands the terms and liability described in the Dirty Diesel Disclaimer/Waiver.