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All of our Power Packages include CCS Custom Tune Files that will be written for your truck and driving style. If you are unsure about the tunes you'd like, just give us some information about how you use the truck

Please be sure to input your VIN and Modifications at the bottom of the page so we can have the custom tuning written as soon as possible.

2001-2010 Duramax - EFI Live Autocal + CCS Tunes-Tuning-Coopers Custom Solutions-Dirty Diesel Customs

EFI Live Autocal

Data Logging
Allows for the collection and transmission of logged data to be sent back to the tuner for analysis.

DTC Codes
Have a DTC code that you're worried about? With the AutoCal, you gain the ability to diagnose and clear trouble codes.  

VIN Licenses
The AutoCal gives you the ability to purchase up to 600 VIN Licenses, which means you can continuously re-use the Autocal Device.

Built-in SD Card
Features a built-in 512MB Micro SD Card that allows you to store hundreds of tune files and/or hundreds of hours of logged data 
  • Includes CCS Tuning
  • Read & Clear Codes
  • Single or 5 Tune Options
  • Built-in Audible Alarms
  • Supports 600 VIN Licenses
  • Optional Switch for Changing Tunes
  • Built-in Power supply prevents data corruption if the external power supply is interrupted

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Add Shift On The Fly

The Shift on the Fly (SOTF) Switch is the easiest way to switch through your tune files on the go. Without a SOTF Switch, you'll need to use your EFILive device to flash a new tune into your truck. If you're choosing more than one tune file, we highly recommend adding one of these switches to your package!

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2001-2016 Duramax EFILive/EZ-Lynk DSP5 Switch (DSP5-SOTF)-SOTF Switch-FISH Tuning-FTDSP5LB7-Dirty Diesel Customs


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Add EGR Delete

When purchasing delete tunes, the new programming will automatically close the existing EGR valve to prevent any gasses from being recirculated. This means you don't need to fully delete your EGR in order to reap the benefits. However, with this option, you are relying on the OEM EGR valve to maintain a seal that can cause issues in the event of a failure.


What we recommend:

EGR Blocker Plates: This is what we will recommend to the majority of our Duramax customers who are wanting to delete their truck. This option will give you peace of mind knowing that if the EGR valve fails, you will still be preventing the EGR gasses from recirculating.

EGR Delete: This would be recommended for those who are planning to make big power, or looking to completely get rid of the EGR system from their truck. In turn, this will clear up room in the engine bay, which can come in handy while performing maintenance and/or upgrade.

Note: For a Full EGR Delete, the EGR Delete kit will have to be paired with an up pipe, this up-pipe can be found in the next category. 

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2007.5-2010 Duramax LMM EGR blocker plate (74100)-EGR Delete-Dirty Diesel Customs-74100-Dirty Diesel Customs

EGR Blocker Plate


By far the cheapest way to stop the harmful EGR gasses from being pushed and recirculated into your intake & engine.

Easy Installation

Utilizes tabs on the top so you can easily slip the blocker plate into place. The whole process will take approximately 30 minutes with normal tools.  

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These cannot be shipped to the USA.
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2006-2010 Duramax EGR Delete Kit (LBZ-EGR-A005)-EGR Delete-Dirty Diesel Customs-Dirty Diesel Customs

EGR Delete Kit

This delete kit will clear up room in your engine bay by fully removing the EGR system, giving you that clean factory-look install.


  • 1-Piece Custom Fabricated Pipe
  • Laser Cut Flange
  • Coolant re-route hose
  • Mounting tab to keep Y-Bridge from blowing out
  • 3 out of 5 Wrenches for installation (1 wrench being easiest)

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These cannot be shipped to the USA.
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