Dirty Diesel Customs
Part Number: DDC-87110

2009-2020 Cummins Dirty EGR/Cooler Delete (87110)

$267.47 CAD
  • 2009-2020 Cummins Dirty EGR/Cooler Delete (87110)-EGR Delete-Dirty Diesel Customs-DDC-87110-Dirty Diesel Customs

Dirty Diesel Customs
Part Number: DDC-87110

2009-2020 Cummins Dirty EGR/Cooler Delete (87110)

$267.47 CAD
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Fits: 2009-2020 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L Cummins 2500/3500

Note: This Kit will fit the 2007.5-2008 6.7L Cummins with slight modifications. For more information, please give us a call at 778-754-7090

At Dirty Diesel Customs, we don't mess with anything but the highest quality parts, that's why we teamed up with the boys at Deviant Race Parts to bring you the Limited Edition Dirty Deviant EGR Upgrade Kit.

The EGR Upgrade kit re-routes coolant to the back of the head between Cylinders 5 and 6 to help circulate coolant to the areas that get the hottest. Why choose to block off, or, route coolant back into the head where it doesn't need it?

Choose the best, the Dirty Deviant Race Parts Deluxe EGR Upgrade kit. This kit completely removes the EGR Cooler, Crossover Tube and Actuator to clean up the engine bay and eliminate soot buildup in the intake tract.


  • Coolant Re-Route to the back of the head between Cylinders #5 & #6
  • New Upgraded Silicone Hose (not pictured)
  • Laser Etched "Dirty" Logo and anodized EGR Blocker Plate
  • All necessary gaskets, hoses, bolts, support brackets, spacers and billet coolant re-route fitting for a bolt-on installation
  • Pre- Tapped manifold block off plate for EGT Probe installation
  • 3 out of 5 Wrenches for installation (1 wrench being the easiest)
  • Will Require The Use of an EGR Upgrade Capable Programmer or Tuner.
Made in Canada.
What makes our kit for the 6.7 Cummins better than the eBay special?

We are using quality grade aluminum and steel to ensure this kit fits, seals and lasts on your engine.

We use a silicone hose to reroute hot coolant from the back of the cylinder head into the cold side of the coolant system. This helps keep #5 and #6 cylinders cooler as they are prone to issues because they always run the hottest.

This kit prevents any premature EGR failures from causing damage to your engine. The EGR can fail by cracking and pushing the coolant into your exhaust and intake, or the valve can fail and cause exhaust gas to be constantly being pushed back into your engine. Both of these scenarios cause their own list of run-ability issues.

Our kits are assembled in house and built almost completely of Canadian made parts (couple spacers we outsourced) so you can sleep at night knowing you're supporting your friends and neighbors. We know not everyone cares about this, but we understand the need to keep our own economy flowing and the difference in quality parts vs offshore knock offs.
      Part Number: DDC 87110


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