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2013-2019 Powerstroke CCS SCT Custom Tune Files (13-19-CCS-SCT)

Coopers Custom Solutions

Part Number: 13-16-PWR-CCS-Single

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Tunes:Single Tune File



Fits: 2013-2019 Ford F-Series w/ 6.7L Powerstroke

Note: When paired with a BDX tuner, the SOTF switch is compatible with 2013+ trucks ONLY.  2013-2012 trucks may still receive all tune levels, however, you will have to reflash the ECM each time you would like to switch to a different tune level. 

All Powerstroke Tunes Include Transmission Tuning (TCM)

The SCT devices are one of the most cost-effective ways to get tuning on your 6.7L Powerstroke. These tunes will work on any SCT X4 or SCT BDX Tuning Device. Simply send us your VIN Number and the Serial Number of the SCT X4 or BDX Device and we'll build the custom files for your truck.

These are some of the cleanest Powerstroke Tunes we have ever seen.

If you have any major modifications such as a larger turbo, injectors, or other fuel system mods, let us know in the notes.

SOTF (Shift on The Fly) is the addition of a knob switch that allows you to flick through your tunes on the go as you drive. Choosing the SOTF option gives you 5 tunes and a switch.

Unless otherwise stated, a single tune is generally 45HP. However, let us know if you'd like any of the alternate power levels.

Power Levels
  • 45HP
  • 90HP
  • 130HP
  • 160HP
  • 200HP

Higher Power levels can be written with the proper supporting modifications. Please state the HP level and the supporting modifications.  


Q&A With Mitch Cooper From CCS:


Ask a Question
  • Does this include transmission tuning


  • I’ve got a 2015 F250 running an SCT GTX. I’m looking for a single tune that is daily/tow tune for a deleted truck? Is the 45 HP tune good for that? Also, I’m in the U.S. so can I purchase the tune and you email it to me for download?

    45hp tune is great for that!

  • Will this work for livewire


  • Will these work with SCT Livewire?


  • Do you have a economy tune?

    Yes, we call a 90hp tune "economy" however we find we get better mileage in a 200+hp tune if you can keep your foot out of it.

  • When using the sct tuner in a 2011 f350, can you turn off the egr with out installing any block off plates and such , so would just have to purchase the tuner and the straight pipe ? Have plugged egr

    Yes, the tuning will turn off and close the egr valve

  • My truck is heavily modified, will this tuning work?

    You bet, we can have these tunes written to accommodate any modifications that your truck may have. We just ask that you state any modifications in the "*What Power Level" script box. We will have the tunes written according to what is in this box, so the more information, the better!

  • Does the Ford 11-16 Ford single tune support a race exhaust?


  • Will these tunes work for the sct gtx?