How To Datalog on the EZ-Lynk Autoagent

How To Datalog on the EZ-Lynk Autoagent

Are you experiencing an issue with your truck? Are you looking to make max horsepower and want to see how your truck is already performing on the big tune? Below are some of the common PID’s and steps you need to take to send your EZ-Lynk data log to your tuner. 

Required PID's

You will need to configure the PID’s in your dashboard to ensure that your tuner can see the correct information, the most common selections are:

  • RPM
  • VGT % D (if applicable)
  • VGT % A (if applicable)

To configure the PID’s, navigate to your dashboard, tap the tile you wish to change, and select the PID’s from the row at the bottom of the screen.

Any other PID’s may be selected, for example, if we are trying to diagnose a transmission issue, please select any applicable transmission PID’s (current gear selection, torque converter slip, Line Pressure A, Line Pressure D, etc.)

Data Log

A quick wide open throttle (WOT) data log on level 5 or your largest HP setting will be sufficient if you are going for all out horsepower, or, if there is an issue with the vehicle, please replicate the issue and keep the data log short. You can always bookmark the time in the log this issue occurs for easier diagnosis, and then share the log to your Technician once completed.

Sharing with your Technician

Please make sure to reach out to your Technician and let them know you have shared with them your datalog. Your Technician email can be found in the My Technicians tab, please note that most Technicians prefer email contact, as the EZ-Lynk chats aren’t frequently monitored.