Part Number: AMDP-2020-Ford-Single

2020 Powerstroke Custom Tuning & Hardware (AMDP-2020)

$1,000.00 CAD
Pay as little as $42 per month with PayBright
  • 2020 Powerstroke Custom Tuning & Hardware (AMDP-2020)-Tuning-AMDP-AMDP-2020-Ford-Single-Dirty Diesel Customs

Part Number: AMDP-2020-Ford-Single

2020 Powerstroke Custom Tuning & Hardware (AMDP-2020)

$1,000.00 CAD
Pay as little as $42 per month with PayBright
$1,000.00 CAD
Pay as little as $42 per month with PayBright
These cannot be shipped to the USA. Learn more

2020 Superduty Tuning is Here.

Fits: 2020 Ford F-Series Superduty w/ 6.7L Powerstroke

AM Diesel Performance (AMDP) has cracked the ECM in the 2020 Ford. This is the first offering for tuning available for the 2020 Alumiduty Ford Trucks. These Custom Tune Files have been thoroughly tested by AMDP and have produced wild power gains, mileage gains, and overall efficiency improvements.

These tunes are custom written for your truck & application and will require ECM Removal for a bench flash. See below for the process. 

Note: There is currently no exhaust option for the 2020, the '19 Kit can be used but you will need to remove 4" from the pipe for proper fitment. Unless you're comfortable doing this yourself, it may be best to wait a few weeks for the new kits to be released.

Power Levels

  • Stock Delete
  • +50HP
  • +75HP
  • +100HP
  • +150HP
Note: If you choose a single tune, input your preferred tune level in the notes above.

Low Boost Fueling vs Standard Fueling

Low Boost will increase the responsiveness of the truck, but will also produce more smoke when you're on the throttle. Please input your choice in the order notes above.

Rumble vs Hiss Idle

Currently, you can only choose one for all your tunes, let us know what idle sound you'd prefer in your order notes above.

TCM Tuning

TCM Tuning is highly recommended if you plan on running 35" Tires or larger on your 2020 Superduty. The TCM Tuning on the 2020 Superduty will require an additional device from HPTuners, the MPVI2 device & 4 Credits are required for the flashing of your TCM. You can add the device with credits in the options above.

TCM Tuning Features:

  • Recommended for 35" Tires or Larger
  • Raised Shift Points
  • Increased Line Pressure
  • Shift Pressure Adjustment
  • Torque Converter Lock-up


Option  Includes
Single Tune Bench Flash ECM
Single Tune + Add TCM Bench Flash ECM + MPVI2 w/ 4 Credits
All Tunes Bench Flash ECM + SOTF Switch
All Tunes + Add TCM Bench Flash ECM + SOTF Switch + MPVI2 w/ 4 Credits

How it Works 

When Tuning the 2020 Superduty, we need the ECM present at our shop to install the custom tune files. This means you will need to remove the ECM from your truck and ship it to us for flashing, your truck will not be useable during this time. We will ship Purolator when possible to ensure you receive the ECM as soon as possible.

How to Remove your ECM

  1. Clear all your codes, even if you have none, this is a necessary step to ensure the tunes take. 
  2. Once you clear your codes, remove the key, and disconnect the battery. 
  3. Remove the ECM
  4. Ship the ECM to us with Tracking
  5. Within a day of receiving the ECM, we can write your tunes and send it back with any additional hardware that you ordered.

USA Customers: Ensure you are sending the ECM as a REPAIR to avoid extra fees at the border.

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