How To Tune Your Truck With An MPVI2/MPVI3

How To Tune Your Truck With An MPVI2/MPVI3

This is a rundown on how you'll flash your truck with an HP Tuners MPVI2 or MPVI3 device. 

Tools required: 

  • Battery charger

Before you start:

  • Confirm all parts are present
  • Fully read the installation guide
  • Charge the batteries if you suspect they're low
  • Ensure you have an internet connection

NOTE: Install your tune before installing any of the mechanical parts to confirm the tune uploads correctly. This way if you have any issues loading the tune, you will still have a functioning truck while the tune gets sorted.

Pulling a Stock Read File


  • While reading and writing your vehicle, the device will need to be connected to your laptop computer and to the OBDII of the vehicle with the vehicle in the run position.
  • If you have an EcoDiesel, please click here for Ecodiesel specific instructions on how to pull a Stock Read File

Step 1: Download & Install the latest version of VCM Suite (*BETA*) by HPTuners found here (Click Here). Once you've got it installed, you can go out to your vehicle with your laptop and MVPI2 or MPVI3 Device.
Step 2: Plug your MVPI2/MPVI3 into your laptop with the supplied cable and connect your MVPI2/MPVI3 into your vehicle's OBD2 Port and turn the key to 'Run'. Next, open the VCM Editor BETA and select 'Read Vehicle' on the navigation bar of VCM Editor.

Step 3: Click 'Gather Info' then select 'Read Entire' on the ECM and select "Do Not Read" on all other modules. If you have purchased transmission tuning, make sure you select 'Read Entire' again for both devices! Once they've been selected, click 'Read'.
Step 4: Save the read file to your computer in a location that is easily accessible.
Step 5: Once you have the Stock Read from your vehicle, you will need to send the file to with your order number.

Tuning Your Vehicle


Step 1: Once you receive your tune file, save it to your desktop or another easily found file folder.

Step 2: If purchasing credits with your tune file please select the "help" tab in the VCM editor. Then select "Resync Interface". Note: This will make any purchased credits available. 

Step 3: Select the "Open File" icon, then select the tune file from wherever you have saved it.

Step 4: Select the "Write Vehicle" which should be illuminated on the navigation bar of the VCM editor. 

Step 5: Select "Write Entire" of the module you are writing. Note: If you are writing an ECM file, select "Write Entire". Then select "DO NOT WRITE" on the TCM. (Note: If you are writing a TCM File only, select "Write Entire" of the TCM and "DO NOT WRITE" On the ECM).

Step 6: Select "Write". It may ask you to license this module and show how many credits are required to do so. Select specific module and license, it will then ask you "ARE YOU SURE", select yes and continue with the prompted steps. Allow some time for the tunes to flash onto your vehicle.

Tuning an L5P? Check out the video below for detailed instructions! 



Congratulations, your truck is flashed! Go enjoy your tunes!