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2019-2021 Cummins CCS MM3 Custom Tune Files (MM3-File)

Coopers Custom Solutions

Part Number: CCS-19+-MM3-SINGLE

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Fits: 2019-2021 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L Cummins

These are custom tune files for your MM3 Device! These are some of the best custom tune files on the market for the Cummins. CCS writes each tune specifically for your truck and its modifications. These can be customized to suit any setup, whether it's a twin-turbo race truck or a daily driven tow rig, these are the best on the market. 

If you want a single tune, choose one from the list or let us know the type of tune you're looking for. Don't forget to let us know the current modifications done to your truck so the tunes can be perfected. 

If you're looking for an MM3 Device w/ Custom Tuning, Click Here.

Tune Levels

    CCS Tuning 2019 + (Single Tune Only)

    • 25hp Tow
    • 45hp Economy
    • 75hp Daily
    • 90hp Street
    • 120hp Race

    Higher Power levels can be written with the proper supporting modifications. Please state the HP level and the supporting modifications. 

    • You will need to pull a stock file from your truck, plug in your MM3, and choose the option "Get Stock File from Truck". 
    • If you are purchasing tunes for a new truck/VIN, you will require a VIN License which can be found here.
    • These tune files are Not compatible with the Smarty Touch


    Ask a Question
    • I have a Raceme Ultra, will that work for your custom tunes that are MM3 style? if so I have 2021 with Aisin trans, which single tune would be recommended for daily driving that works well with the Aisin? Thanks

      Yes, you can use the tunes with a RaceMe Ultra.  Normally if you are going to run just a single tune, we would recommend a 25 or 45HP tune if you are towing a lot.  Otherwise, you can run a 75 or 90HP if you are just daily driving the truck empty.  The tuning will help work with the Aisin trans to shift as nicely as it can.