Choose Your Tuning

All of our Power Packages include CCS Custom Tune Files that will be written for your truck and driving style. If you are unsure about the tunes you'd like, just give us some information about how you use the truck

Please be sure to input your VIN and Modifications at the bottom of the page so we can have the custom tuning written as soon as possible.

Add Shift On The Fly

The Shift on the Fly (SOTF) Switch is the easiest way to switch through your tune files on the go. Without a SOTF Switch, you'll need to use your EFILive device to flash a new tune into your truck. If you're choosing more than one tune file, we highly recommend adding one of these switches to your package!

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Add EGR Delete

When purchasing delete tunes, the new programming will automatically close the existing EGR valve to prevent any gasses from being recirculated. This means you don't need to fully delete your EGR in order to reap the benefits. However, with this option, you are relying on the OEM EGR valve to maintain a seal that can cause issues in the event of a failure.


What we recommend:

EGR Blocker Plates: This is what we will recommend to the majority of our Duramax customers who are wanting to delete their truck. This option will give you peace of mind knowing that if the EGR valve fails, you will still be preventing the EGR gasses from recirculating.

EGR Delete: This would be recommended for those who are planning to make big power, or looking to completely get rid of the EGR system from their truck. In turn, this will clear up room in the engine bay, which can come in handy while performing maintenance and/or upgrade

Note: For a Full EGR Delete, the EGR Delete kit will have to be paired with an up pipe, this up-pipe can be found in the next category. 

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Add Up-Pipe
Note: This is required for a full EGR "Upgrade"

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Add Exhaust

If you're 'delete tuning' your truck, you'll need an exhaust system. This is where you'll choose how loud you want your truck to be, you won't notice any power gains with a larger exhaust or straight pipe kit. It all comes down to preference here!

Note: These Exhaust Systems are designed to fit all wheelbase & Cab Configurations unless otherwise specified.

Add Exhaust Tip

Finish the look on your truck with a Dirty Diesel Or MBRP Exhaust Tip. These will bolt onto the end of your exhaust and have a dual wall design for a clean finish.

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Add Fuel

Like we've said before, the Duramax trucks do not have a fuel lift pump from the factory. They rely on the injection pump to suck fuel from the tank, we highly recommend a FASS Lift Pump as one of the first upgrades you do on your Duramax. The FASS system will pump fuel to the injection pump and remove any air or water in your fuel. This means your CP3 is working less, and receiving cleaner fuel. This alone will extend the life of your injection pump, injectors, and the rest of your fuel system. We recommend a 165GPH pump as it's a good platform to build from, you won't damage your truck by putting too big of a lift pump on it.

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Add Fuel Filter Adapter

This adapter replaces the factory filter and housing with a CNC machined, billet aluminum housing that takes a CAT, 2-micron filter that is readily available.

  • CAT Filter Sold Separately
  • This does require the removal of the factory water in the fuel sensor. This will not throw any sort of check engine light codes.

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Add Intake

Adding an intake isn't about power, it's about reducing the restriction, increasing efficiency, while maintaining strict filtration standards. These kits are offered with a Oil Cleanable Filter and Dry Disposable.

The Oiled Filter is recommended for those that mainly use their trucks for City or Highway driving and would rather clean their filter instead of replacing it.

The Dry Disposable is a better option if your truck frequently sees dusty environments or you'd rather toss out your filter instead of cleaning it.

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