Uploading an EFI-Live tune file to your AutoCal

Uploading An EFI Live Tune File To Your EFI AutoCal

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So you've purchased and received your EFI Live Tune File in .BBX format via email, now what? These steps will show you how to upload your tune file onto your AutoCal so you can begin the flashing process.

What you'll need:

Transferring the File from your email to your Autocal: 

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of EFI Live Scan & Tune Downloaded and installed on your computer. (Click here to download)
  2. Plug the Autocal into your computer using the USB cable that was provided with the tuner.
  3. Save the tune file you received (XXXXX.bbx) onto your computer (somewhere that you will be able to easily find it).
  4. Open Up EFI Live Scan & Tune and select the EFI Live Control Panel button from the top right area of the window. This will open another window for you. 
  5. Select F6 Firmware on the left side. This will tell you if your device requires updating. If so, proceed to update the device and then close the windows. 
  6. Find the Tune File that you had previously saved and double click on it. This will open EFI Live Scan & Tune and automatically open the page you need. 
  7. Select Program Quick Setup on the lower portion of the window. It will prompt you that you are going to overwrite this Autocal. Press YES and the program will automatically load the Tune File and all the settings onto your device. 
  8. Once this is completed, you can unplug the Autocal from the Laptop.
  9. Your Autocal is now loaded with the new tuning and you are ready to start the flashing process! (Click here to view the flashing process). 

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!