Flo-Pro rebranding as Mel's Manufacturing

Flo~Pro's Transition to Mels Manufacturing

Flo Pro Performance is transitioning to a new era and a fresh look! Flo~Pro has begun rebranding to Mels Manufacturing, but before you start wondering, let us reassure you – this still the same company you've come to trust for top-notch exhaust systems.

What's Changing?

Flo~Pro's commitment to providing the highest quality products remains unwavering. The only thing that's changing is their name and branding. You can still count on Mels Manufacturing for the same reliability, durability, and innovation that has set Flo~Pro Performance apart over the years.

Why the Change?

As many know by now, the powers-that-be are constantly throwing punches at the aftermarket diesel performance industry. As these punches are thrown, it forces the industry to quickly transition. So to make sure that we don't get knocked down, Mels Manufacturing has sprung up to ensure that you will still receive the performance parts that we have all grown to love and trust. Mels Manufacturing represents a new chapter for the industry, while still honoring the legacy of Flo Pro Performance.

Same Quality Kits, Different Name

Rest assured, their transition to Mels Manufacturing doesn't mean any compromise on the quality you've come to expect. Their range of performance kits, exhaust systems, and accessories will continue to be crafted with the same precision and expertise that you've trusted over the years.

What to Expect:

  • Same Dedication: Their team is still as dedicated as ever to providing you with the best diesel performance solutions.
  • Same Quality: The kits you know and love will maintain the high standards you've come to expect from Flo Pro Performance.
  • Same Products: The products being offered remain unaltered, just different SKUs. 
  • Different branding: On some of the products you receive, you may notice a Mels Manufacturing label on the box. 

Old Branding:

FLO~PRO Performance Exhaust | Diesel Performance Parts – FLO ...

Updated Branding:

We look forward to continuing to supply you with the same free-flowing, high-performance exhaust products without any interruption in service! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team at sales@dirtydieselcustoms.com