EFI Live Pass-Through Flash Process

EFI Live Pass-Through Flash Process

So you've purchased and received your EFI Live Tune File in .BBX format, now what? These steps will show you how to convert your file from .BBX to .CTZ format, and then how to flash new custom tuning in .CTZ format onto your truck.

What is the benefit if I load a tune file in CTZ format? 

  • If you have purchased a Tune File from us and own a laptop, you can skip the step of having to load the tune file onto your EFI Autocal. This allows you to immediately start the flash process.   

What you'll need:

How to convert your .BBX file to a .CTZ file for Passthrough Flashing

  1. Double click and open your .BBX file from the email, or, from wherever you may have saved it on your computer. (This will open the Quick Setup Manager).
  2. Once the Quick Setup Manager is open, right click on the tune file and then select "Export Tune File".
  3. This will export the tune file to where you save it and converts it to a .CTZ file. You can now follow the steps below for the Passthrough Flashing Process.

Flashing Steps:

  1. Download and Save the .ctz file to your laptop computer. 
  2. Connect the AutoCal to Both the truck and the laptop.
  3. Turn the truck to the "On" position, but do not start it.
  4. Double click on the .ctz file to open it, two windows will open.Step 4: Pass-Through Flash Process
  5. On the left hand side of your screen, Click on the F7: Full Flash.Step 5 Pass-Through Flash Process
  6. Click Full Flash, let the flashing process run (this takes approximately 10-15 minutes). When prompted, turn the ignition off and click OK to begin the countdown process.Step 6 Pass-Through Flash Process
  7. Once the countdown is complete, you can go ahead and unplug the computer and AutoCal from the truck.
  8. Start the truck and enjoy your new tuning!