How To Tune Your Truck With an SCT X4/BDX

How To Tune Your Truck With an SCT X4/BDX

This is a rundown on how you'll flash your truck with an SCT X4 or BDX Device

Tools required:

  • Battery Charger

Before you start:

  • Confirm all parts are present
  • Fully read the installation guide
  • Charge the batteries if you suspect they are low

Loading Instructions

Step 1: 

Make sure your device is up to date, download "device updater" and install it on your computer.
Click here for Device Updater (OR Google download SCT device updater)
Plug the SCT Device into your computer and check for updates

Step 2:
Note: Skip to step 4 if your device came preloaded!
Download the Tune File onto your computer and save it in a folder or somewhere you know where it is.

Step 3: 

Note: *On 6.7L Powerstroke trucks using an X4, please connect tuner to truck first and hit Vehicle Info, it will prompt you to turn key on etc, once it is completed it will show your VIN etc. Once that screen pops up you can disconnect from truck.

Click LOAD CUSTOM TUNE button on the Device Updater App and this will open the next page. Hit Browse and find the file(s) you've saved on your computer. This will drop them into the left window on the screen. Hit the arrow to drag them into the right window. Click Program on the bottom and this will load the custom files onto the device. Once you are done you can unplug the device and connect to truck.

Step 4:
Load the tune into truck, Press Program Vehicle and when prompted select one of the custom tunes and follow the prompts on the screen to load. It is easy to miss the step where you select the custom tunes and you will accidentally load in a preloaded tune. This will let the truck only have one start and then it won't start again. This isn't a problem, but you will need to go back through and load the correct custom tune.

** If you were sent a LOAD FIRST file, it must be flashed before the tune **

Enjoy your new tuning!