L5P ECM Unlock Methods

L5P ECM Unlock Methods

Since 2017, GM has tried to stop us from what we all like to do, turn these trucks up and go fast! The E41 ECM in the 2017 to current L5P Duramax has been long known as “locked” or “encrypted from the factory”, making it impossible to tune in the traditional sense. There are devices out on the market that piggyback the sensors under the hood, fooling the truck to build more boost, fuel pressure, and in turn, more horsepower. But if you wanted to “flash” the truck with a custom calibration, your only option was a costly ECM swap to an unlocked ECM from HP Tuners. Gone were the days of a simple EFI Live flashing like on the LML Duramax trucks. But it's not all bad news, now you have some options!


Option #1: Unlocked ECM from HP Tuners

The original option from HP Tuners, is to purchase a new unlocked ECM, which minimizes downtime as you can swap your ECM in and out in a matter of minutes. This option is the most costly, with unlocked ECM’s costing $2000, and it does come with its own host of “extra” necessary steps, as you are replacing your vehicle's ECM. After you complete the commanded swap procedure, which is a necessary step to carry over your injector codes from the original ECM to the new ECM, you are able to read and write the ECM with your MPVI2(3) in the VCM Editor Beta program.

You will commonly be sent two files, one VATS off file, and one VATS on. VATS stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System. With the swap of the ECM, your key fob will not be learned to the new ECM, so the vehicle will not crank and will not start without a VATS off file. Once the immobilizer is relearned with a dealer tool, you may flash the vehicle with a VATS on file. This isn’t required 100%, however, if you do not relearn the immobilizer and flash the vehicle with a VATS on file, your truck could technically be started with a screwdriver jammed into the ignition. Another step which must be completed is a crank position relearn. This can be done through the VCM Scanner Beta program.

Option #2: HP Tuners ECM Upgrade Program

Getting your vehicle's original ECM unlocked by HP Tuners is a good option, if you can deal with the downtime. You would pull your ECM, send it to HP Tuners to be unlocked, and once you receive your ECM back, you can read and write it with your MPVI2(3) and the HP Editor program. This is still one of the most cost effective ways of unlocking your ECM, however, this process can take two weeks with transit times to and from HP tuners, which sometimes isn't viable for owners who use their trucks everyday.

Since this is the vehicle's original ECM, the previous steps highlighted in the first option (commanded swap procedure, immobilizer relearn, and crank position) relearn are not required.

**Important Note: When sending your ECM to HP Tuners, be careful to NOT crack or break the tabs on the ECM, this will result in HP Tuners sending you the ECM back, unable to complete the unlock procedure.**

Option #3: Edge Evo HT2 (Part # 26402) also for 2020-2022 PN 26401

A newly released handheld device from Edge, allows you to unlock the ECM in the vehicle, and tune through the OBD2 port with one of Edge’s preloaded tunes if you so choose. But this is a good option for the 2017-2019 trucks, once the device unlocks the vehicle’s ECM, you can connect your MPVI2(3) and read and write your custom calibration. No need to replace the ECM which runs the risk of breaking the tabs on the ECM, relearn the immobilizer with a dealer tool, or complete the crank position relearn. This is also a good option for guys to run an emissions on file now, and then in the future, flash a custom calibration when you are ready. 2020-2022 will unlock ecm and tcm, and comes with tcm tuning as well 

Option #4: 2017+ In-House ECM Unlock Service

The most recent, and cost effective option to unlock your vehicle's ECM is the new in-house ECM unlock service. Once you remove your ECM, please send it to our shop, and we will unlock the ECM within 24 hours and send it back to you.

Once you receive your ECM back, you are able to read and write your custom calibration. You can also purchase tunes (with credits) with this service, and we will flash the ECM on the bench at the same time. If you plan on flashing the vehicle for future revisions or upgrades, please purchase an MPVI2(3) on our website at the same time with your unlock service and tunes, we will flash the ECM with this device and send it back to you with the ECM.