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Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive


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Archoils AR9100 Oil Additive is designed for all diesel and gasoline engines, it's not just for your truck! It forms a solid boundary of lubricating film to reduce friction and provide anti-wear, pressure, and corrosion protection to your engine, gearbox, and hydraulic systems. 

We find using AR9100 results in a smoother idle, high efficiency, and more power. I know what you're thinking but trust us. We cannot keep Archoil in-stock, once people try it, they cannot buy enough of it. It works for everything, but, if you own a 6.0L or 7.3L Powerstroke (or anything with HEUI Injection Systems) it will solve your injector issues. 

Part Number: AR9100

  • Increases power and response
  • Reduces friction and provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Protects engine during cold starts
  • Cleans and prevents sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Fixes HEUI injector problems (Power Stroke and others)

General Applications
Add 1.2oz of AR9100 per quart of engine oil to any diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle. AR9100 is also safe for wet clutches and limited-slip differentials.

Powerstroke Application
Add one 16 oz bottle to treat a Powerstroke.

AR9100 fixes injectors in Ford Powerstroke 6.0L and 7.3L trucks and other HEUI Injection vehicles (Navistar T444E and VT365) by cleaning and lubricating stuck spool valves. fiction is eliminated along with associated cold start problems including rough idling, cylinder misfires, and loss of power and acceleration.



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