2017+ Powerstroke Ram Air Satin Black Black Differential Cover (19280)-Differential Cover-Banks Power-19280-Dirty Diesel Customs
2017+ Powerstroke Ram Air Satin Black Black Differential Cover (19280)-Differential Cover-Banks Power-19280-Dirty Diesel Customs

2017+ Powerstroke Ram Air Satin Black Black Differential Cover (19280)

Banks Power

Part Number: 19280

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Year Make
2017+ Ford F250 w/ HD Tow PKG OR F350 SRW 6.7L w/ Dana M275 Rear Axle 


The Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover is a game-changer in the cover industry. They took the extra mile when designing the 19280 Ram Air Cover by testing all the flat-back covers on the market to determine where they were falling short and how Banks could improve the design. This is what they came up with, the new Ram Air Differential Cover cools 5 Times Better than flat-backs.

In-fact, they found that other flat-back differential covers didn't cool as well as advertised and suffer from poor fluid dynamics and as a result actually reduce your fuel economy and efficiency.

 Banks Power Part Number: 19280

  • Cools 5x Better than Competitors
  • Die-Cast A-380 Aircraft Aluminum Housing
  • Chrome Plated Hardware & Magnetic Plug
  • Stainless Sight-Glass w/ Contrast Screen
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Extends Oil Life
  • Cools 118% Better
  • Designed to Break Away if you ever Snag it.


    Banks Ram Air Cummins Duramax Differential Cover GIF




    Banks Design for the new Ram Air Differential Cover

    Purpose Built

    When the team at Banks sat down at the drawing board, the goal was to perfect fluid flow and reject BTU's from the fluid as fast as the ring and pinion put them in. When you slow down the fluid in any way, it results in resistance and aeration which KILL your fuel economy. Not only does it hurt your fuel economy, it begins to build heat, this heat will slowly but consistently degrade the fluid and decrease the lifespan of the gearset. 

    The Banks Power design is to allow the fluid to flow through your gears with little to no resistance, keeping your oil cool and having consistent coverage on your gears without drowning the bearings.

    Proper Fluid Dynamics


     Poor Fluid Dynamics


    Currently, most aftermarket covers floating around the market today have fins for cooling. However, those fins really don't do anything, yes, they may dissipate heat to some extent, but there really is no airflow hitting the back of your cover. Also, most of the flat back covers impede the flow, imagine firing a hose at a brick wall, what happens to the fluid?


    Banks Ram Air Differential Cover Air Flow


    Die-Cast Aluminum Construction
    A380 aircraft aluminum die-cast for exceptional strength and precise fit.

    Chrome-Plated Hardware
    12-Point Chrome Plated Flanged Mounting Bolts

    Class-Leading Heat Rejection
    24 external radiator fins offer 534 square inches of surface area to ensure optimal heat rejection.

    Patented Ram-Air Scoops
    Ram-Air system directs cool high-velocity air through radiator fins, eliminating the dead zone. Designed with breakaway scoops.
    Magnetic Fill Plug
    Magnetic 3/4" fill plug with 3/8" square drive, no hex wrench required. 20 angle for easy fill. Simplifies oil changes.

    Stainless Sight-Glass with Contrast Screen
    1/2" stainless steel sight-glass with contrast screen and Viton O-ring seal.

    Magnetic Drain Plug
    Recessed magnetic 3/8" drain plug with 3/8" square drive, no hex wrench required. Simplifies oil changes.

    Banks Ram Air Differential Internals

    Proper Differential Air Flow

    The Banks Power Ram-Air system increases the amount of airflow that gets pushed passed your differential by scooping air as you move and directing it through the fins on your cover.


    Poor Differential Air Flow

    Other covers may use fins to cool the differential but they don't have a method of pulling the airflow into those fins on the differential.