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Arshdeep 's 2019 Ram 3500 Megacab Limited


Here at Dirty Diesel we’re happy to showcase customer builds, especially this sweet setup that just came in for a transformation of his 2019 Limited Cummins Mega cab! From the custom powder coating on the 8” McGaughy’s lift to the imposing XF wheels this was a fun truck to build and showcase! 

Starting in the engine bay, we’ve got our in-house designed and made EGR delete kit with a premium upgrade for a custom colour, CP3 conversion kit being along with tuning by CCS, all breathing through a high-flow S&B Intake, meaning this 6.7 is able to turn those big tires into white clouds anytime it wants. 


Under-hood Specs: 

Closing the hood and stepping back, you’ll notice this truck sits a little higher than the average Cummins. This is because it’s sporting a custom teal powder coated McGaughy’s 8” lift kit with Fox shocks on every corner and rear air bags, meaning this 1 ton hasn’t lost any of it’s capability. Look a little closer and you’ll notice some truck specific additions like the powder coated Gen-y receiver and custom Dirty emblem tip so you won’t mistake this truck for any other! 

Exterior Specs: 

Between this trucks good looks and future performance plans, don't be surprised if you see this rig featured again in the future!

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