EZ-Lynk Limited VS Unlimited Support. What's The Difference?

EZ-Lynk Limited VS Unlimited Support. What's The Difference?

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What is the difference between Limited and Unlimited Support? This has to be one of our most commonly asked questions that we receive on the phone everyday, so here's a quick breakdown of EZ-Lynks Limited and Unlimited Support that we offer. 


What is an EZ-Lynk Support Package?


A Support Package is an EZ-Lynk controlled timeline to how long you will have access to the tune files that you are pushed. When you purchase EZ-Lynk tuning from a company such as CCS, AMDP, etc, everything is done over the cloud via the Auto-Agent App on your phone or tablet. Any Apple or Android device will work to link up to the Auto Agent via Wifi. The tuning company will enter your VIN into their queue, then the next time you hook the Auto-Agent up to your truck, you will be prompted to accept the new link. Once accepted, the tune files relevant to your vehicle will populate in the ECU Profiles section under VEHICLE. After you have this completed, you will have a library full of files to choose from. 

Limited support will give you 4 weeks to access these files from the day that you link to the truck. Not from the day you purchase the files, but from when you link to the truck! During the 4 weeks, you will be able to change tunes, try different power levels, try different transmission tunes, etc. Once these 4 weeks are up, those tune files will disappear from your library, and you will no longer be able to flash the truck, leaving you with the tune(s) currently flashed on the truck. On that note, you can always upgrade to Unlimited Support at any time after the 4 week period has ended for an additional cost.

If you have a shift on the fly tune loaded and your limited support expires, YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO USE YOUR SWITCH AND TOGGLE BETWEEN POWER LEVELS!!!


What happens if I sell the truck?

If you ever sell your vehicle, you can easily hand over the account to the new owner via the “handover vehicle” section. This will transfer all the tune files to the new account and let the new owner continue with access to these files. This feature also works great for shops that are tuning vehicles in-house and don’t want to use the customers' phone or tablet to flash the vehicle.



Limited Support is normally used for people who just want to load in a tow tune and forget about it. 

Unlimited support is more for people who are constantly tinkering on their truck and making changes. They may want to change power levels often and want the support of any updates down the road. Unlimited Support is going to give you all the same tune files, however, you will have access to them for as long as you own the vehicle or Auto Agent.   


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