Proven Diesel
Part Number: AA13-19-RAM-PD-LS

2013-2020 Cummins 6.7L - Proven Diesel Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0

$1,349.99 CAD
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  • 2013-2020 Cummins 6.7L - Proven Diesel Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0-Tuning-Proven Diesel-Dirty Diesel Customs

Proven Diesel
Part Number: AA13-19-RAM-PD-LS

2013-2020 Cummins 6.7L - Proven Diesel Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0

$1,349.99 CAD
Pay as little as $57 per month with PayBright
$1,349.99 CAD
Pay as little as $57 per month with PayBright
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Introducing The Future of Vehicle Diagnostic & Control:
EZ-LYNK Auto Agent 2.0 w/ Proven Diesel Tuning
Auto Agent 2.0 Fits: 2013-2020 Cummins 6.7L (2500 & 3500)

Please Note: The 2018-2020 Cummins requires an extra cable to unlock the ECM on the 2018+ Trucks. You can see it here.


The Proven Diesel Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 is the future of tuning for your 2013-2019 6.7L Ram. It allows you to wireless update, tune, and data-log your truck from your phone and when paired with Proven Diesel Tuning, you get some of Canada's best tuning paired with the industry's best device.

The Proven Diesel Limited Support Package offers 4 weeks of unlimited tunes, flashes, and revisions this is optimal for those guys that just want a basic tune. It allows you to flash your favorite tune pack to the truck and after the 4 weeks is up, you're left with whatever tunes you had installed in your truck. If you're looking to constantly update your tunes with the latest revisions, changes, and updates we'd recommend you go with the Unlimited Support Package.

The Proven Diesel Unlimited Support Package offers unlimited flashes and basic tune revisions on ALL TUNES. You'll receive automatic tune updates so that you can take advantage of the progress that we make and enjoy the timelessness of the EZ LYNK AutoAgent. Every support package includes unlimited data logging and chat features so that you can reach a Proven Diesel tuner from anywhere, at any time.

EZ LYNK AutoAgent with Cummins Support Package:

  • ECM Tuning
  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Record Live Data & Playback Data Logs
  • Apple iOS & Android Smartphone support
  • Cloud-Based Tuning Platform
Power Levels (Emissions Removed):
  • 30 HP     Level 1
  • 75 HP     Level 2
  • 130 HP   Level 3
  • 150 HP   Level 4
  • 180 HP   Level 5 

Limited Support - This will provide you with all Proven Diesel tunes compatible with your vehicle for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, you will only have the installed tune pack available to you. This is convenient if you're seeking some basic delete tuning and are not interested in new revisions, changes, or new tune files.

Unlimited Support - This will provide you with access to all Proven Diesel tuning compatible with your vehicle and software updates indefinitely.

AutoAgent General Features:

  • Real-Time Diagnostics & Control Via Your Android or IOS Device. 
  • Firmware Updates Performed Automatically 
  • All Controlled Via a Downloadable App
  • Datalogging 
  • Customized Warning Levels
  • Read & Clear Codes
  • Live Graphing
  • Share Vehicle Diagnostics LIVE With Your Technician

Available Options

  • Limited Support Profile (1 Tune of your choice)
  • Unlimited Support Profile (All Available Tunes)
  • Shift on the Fly (+$70) (Please Note: TCM Tuning is required w/ SOTF)

The days of emailing pre-packaged files, loading SD cards with unverified data, and using PCs to troubleshoot simple issues are over. Data is synced automatically from the cloud.

The power of the AutoAgent™ is unrivaled. Using data customized and shared by your technician you can unleash the full potential of your vehicle with the tap of a finger.

Never spend a day without your vehicle while your technician tries to recreate a problem. Send recorded data logs and apply vehicle adjustments that are received in real-time.

Receive AutoAgent™ and vehicle firmware updates automatically as they are released. Stay up to date with the latest in available technology.


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