Coopers Custom Solutions
Part Number: AA-11-16-LML-CCS-LS-EM-ON

2011-2016 Duramax - CCS Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0

$1,444.99 CAD
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  • 2011-2016 Duramax - CCS Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0-Tuning-Coopers Custom Solutions-Dirty Diesel Customs

Coopers Custom Solutions
Part Number: AA-11-16-LML-CCS-LS-EM-ON

2011-2016 Duramax - CCS Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0

$1,444.99 CAD
Pay as little as $61 per month with PayBright
$1,444.99 CAD
Pay as little as $61 per month with PayBright
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Introducing The Future of Vehicle Diagnostic & Control:
EZ-LYNK Auto Agent 2.0 w/ CCS Tuning

Fits: 2011-2016 GM Sierra or Chevy Silverado LML w/ 6.6L Duramax

Coopers Custom Solutions is the only tuning we recommend running in your Duramax. They produce the cleanest, most efficient, and most reliable tuning on the market for the 6.6L Duramax Engine. Pairing their Tuning with the latest EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 is one of the best packages you can put in your Duramax. 

The EZ-Lynk gives you the control you need when tuning your Duramax. The cloud-based tuning gives you the option of updating or reflashing your truck from anywhere. You no longer need to visit a shop or load an SD Card to flash your truck. Also, in the event of a problem, CCS can access your data logging and files remotely so if you're having issues, they can see what happened and make the necessary changes to get you back on the road. 


    Limited Support Package: The Limited Pack gives you all applicable CCS Tunes for your truck for 4 weeks. After the 4 week period, you'll be left with whatever package you had installed at the time of expiry and won't receive any updates, revisions, or changes to those tunes. 

    Unlimited Support Package: The Unlimited gives you all CCS Tunes for life. If they produce new tunes, updates, revisions or changes to the LML tuning you'll be able to download them and flash your truck at any time in the future.

    Note: When you flash your tunes, you'll have an option to choose Emissions On Tuning or Emissions Off Tuning (regardless of the option selected above). This means both files are included in your purchase and you'll have the option of using either one when you go to flash your tunes.

    Every support package includes unlimited data logging and chat features so that you can reach a CCS tuner from anywhere, at any time.

    Note: We highly suggest Trans Tuning on all LML Tunes!

    CCS Tunes:

    • 25hp tow
    • 45hp economy
    • 75hp daily
    • 90hp street
    • 120hp race (Suggest Trans tuning or Deviant Race Plug to increase line pressure)


    Please note: We manage the support for Coopers Custom Solutions (CCS) and if you choose CCS Tuning, you will need to link to the email address:  



    AutoAgent Features:

    • Cloud-Based Tuning - Run Updates & Receive New Tunes From Anywhere
    • Real-Time Diagnostics & Control Via Your Android or IOS Device. 
    • Firmware Updates Performed Automatically 
    • All Controlled Via a Downloadable App
    • Datalogging 
    • Customized Warning Levels
    • Read & Clear Codes
    • Live Graphing
    • Share Vehicle Diagnostics LIVE With Your Technician
    • ECM Tuning



    If you already have the tuner and are looking for the tune files only click here


    Ask a Question
    • What does the Transmission tuning do?

      TCM Tuning increases the line pressure, this puts more pressure on your clutch packs and prevents them from slipping which can cause excessive early wear on clutch disks. It will also change the shifting points to match the new tuning which helps improve the overall driveability.

    • Will this tuning remove the Emissions On my truck?

      You bet! We can have these tunes written to accommodate any modifications your truck may have. We just ask that you state any modifications in the "" script box. We will have the tunes written according to what is in this box, so the more information, the better!

      When purchasing delete tunes, the new programming will automatically close the existing EGR valve to prevent any gasses from being recirculated. This means you don't need to fully delete your EGR in order to reap the benefits. However, with this option, you are relying on the OEM EGR valve to maintain a seal that can cause issues in the event of a failure.

    • Do you guys have a 150 hp tune ??


    • This supports a egr and dpf delete correct?


    • Will you guys be able to make multiple tune options for an LML with a cp3 conversion?


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