How To Tune Your 2022 Powerstroke w/ an AMDP Programmer - OEM Emissions Off Only

This is a rundown on how you'll flash your 2022 Powerstroke with an AMDP Programmer (OEM Emissions Off/Stock Power Only). 

Tools required:

  • Battery Charger
  • Windows based Laptop

Before you start:

  • Confirm all parts are present
  • Fully read the installation guide
  • Charge the batteries if you suspect they are low


  • Install the AutoFlasher programming software and USB drivers onto your windows-based laptop. They can be downloaded here.
  • 2022 6.7L Powerstroke OEM DELETE ENGINE TUNING MUST have the EGR and THROTTLE VALVES in place and connected at this time.

Instructional Video

OEM Emissions Off Only Tuning

Step 1: Locate the PCM on the Passenger side firewall and disconnect ALL 3 connectors.

Step 2: Connect the power harness to the vehicle battery (ensure correct polarity).

Step 3: Connect the Power harness to the AMDP Power Programmer, then connect the supplied PCM connector to the Passenger side PCM plug on the vehicle.

Step 4: Connect the AMDP Power Programmer to the Windows based Laptop with the previously mentioned software installed.

Step 5: Open the AutoFlasher software, select “Cable”, then Select “Connect”. If connection is successful proceed to Step 6, if it is not reinstall the USB Drivers and check the USB connections.

Step 6: Select “Service Mode”, then “Power On”. The message “Powering on module” should appear.

Step 7: Select “OBD”, then “Identify”. Confirm the PCM is being communicated with. If not, check power connections and repeat Step 6.

Step 8: Select “OBD”, then “Get VIN”. The Cable S/N, ECU S/N and VIN need to be emailed to with your order number and who you ordered it through to receive the purchased tuning. To copy each number right click then Ctrl-V into the email.

Step 9: Once you have received the tunes via email, save them onto your computer. Repeat Steps 1-7 if you have disconnected from the vehicle.

Step 10: Select “OBD”, then “Write”, then “ECU”, select the file previously emailed to you. The tuning process will now begin. Once it has completed you can disconnect all AMDP Power Programmer connections and reconnect the factory PCM connectors.

Step 11: Ensure the vehicle starts and no DTC codes or dash messages are present. If anything is present, please contact Tech support.

Enjoy your new tuning!