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Archoil AR6400-16D Fuel System Cleaner (AR6400-12D)


Part Number: AR6400-12D

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Archoil AR6400-D is the latest release from the team at Archoil. It utilizes the latest and most powerful fluid technology to deliver a cleaning service to your key fuel system components.

It's designed to target your Injectors, DPF, Turbocharger, and EGR components and will help break down buildup to ensure your parts function the same as they did when they were intended to. 

Archoil Part Number: AR6400-12D

  • Treats 40 Gallons of Fuel
  • Use every 5000 - 8000 Kilometers
  • Cleans DPF & EGR System
  • Removes Carbon & Soot from VGT Turbocharger
  • New Formula
  • 12oz Bottle

One 12oz bottle of AR6400-D will treat 40 Gallons of Diesel Fuel. Add it to the fuel tank at the required dosage and then add fuel. We recommend using it every 5,000 - 8000km. 


AR6400-D will strip the internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and carbon build-up from injector tips in all diesel applications, it also helps ensure the correct injector spray patterns, this will result in more complete combustion and lower emissions for optimized performance. 

Archoils testing found that using AR6400-D resulted in more power, increased efficiency, and less frequent regens. 

The video below shows the difference in Spray Pattern on a '95 12V Cummins before and after using AR6400-D


Turbocharger Deposits

  • AR6400-D will remove the carbon build-up from your turbocharger and its various components, this is the same carbon build-up that causes premature turbo failure and causes performance issues.
  • The Carbon and Soot deposits restrict the movement of the Turbine and Variable Vanes (VGT) inside the turbocharger resulting in more turbo lag and less boost. AR6400-D prevents the accumulation of carbon to reduce excess heat, wear, and failure in the turbo.  

Reduces DPF Deposits

  • AR6400-D will improve the fuel combustion, this inherently reduces carbon, soot, and particulate exhaust emissions while also cleaning past soot and carbon deposits from the DPF system. The reduction in carbon and soot build-up will reduce regenerations, and prevent performance loss and potential engine damage from clogged Diesel Particulate Filters. 


Ask a Question
  • I have a 2012 f350 6.7. Truck is fully deleted and Has 230k on it. Is this something I should be using? If so would I use it in at the same time as the ar6200? Or would I only use this for that fill up? I’ve only had the truck for a year and I want to make sure it keeps running as great as it has. Thanks

    Yes, this is great to add to every fill up!

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