Speed Demon
Part Number: 10-10145

4" - 50" DRC Series - Dual Row Light Bar (Black) (10-100xx)

$82.42 CAD
  • 4" - 50" DRC Series - Dual Row Light Bar (Black) (10-100xx)-Light Bar-Speed Demon-10-10145-Dirty Diesel Customs

Speed Demon
Part Number: 10-10145

4" - 50" DRC Series - Dual Row Light Bar (Black) (10-100xx)

$82.42 CAD
$82.42 CAD

Fits: Universal Applications

If you want the very best lighting options for your truck - you've found it. Speed Demon is a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality LED Light Bars. Each Speed Demon Dual Row Light Bar is built with a heavy-duty aluminum housing and an extremely strong polycarbonate lens to withstand any conditions you put your truck through. The 90°/8° Combo Beam will give you a light bar that can do it all.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Black Chassis
  • Black Reflector
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Black Aluminum Housing
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • H1 or H2 Harness Required
  • HP1 or HP2 Harness Required Over 120W
  • 50000 Hours LED Life
Size Power Wattage Beam Pattern Part Number
4" 1920 Lumens 24W 90°/8° 10-10145
6" 2880 Lumens 36W 90°/8° 10-10036
12" 5760 Lumens 72W 90°/8° 10-10037
20" 9600 Lumens 120W 90°/8° 10-10038
30" 14,400 Lumens 180W 90°/8° 10-10039
40" 19,200 Lumens 240W 90°/8° 10-10040
50" 23,040 Lumens 288W 90°/8° 10-10041

All Speed Demon lightbars are built with an IP67 Water Proof Specifications to ensure that your light, wiring, and plugs are all safe no matter what type of weather or conditions you put it through. If you're looking for a 'Plug & Play' Solution then make sure you add an H1/HP1 or H2/HP2 harness to the cart for an easier installation.

The H1/HP1 Harness allows you to hook up a single light bar to your truck where the H2/HP2 Harness will allow for dual light bars. Each Speed Demon Harness (H1/HP1 or H2/HP2) will include a built-in fuse, relay, switch, and battery terminal connections and plug directly into their lights. It will save you a significant amount of time when installing the lights on your truck!

Unlike other Light Bars, each Speed Demon Light Bar is backed with a lifetime warranty, as long as you own the bar - it's under warranty. 

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