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2001-2010 Duramax CCS EFILive Custom Tune Files

Coopers Custom Solutions

Part Number: 01-10-DMAX-CCS-EFI-SINGLE

Mfr Part Number:

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Tunes:Single Tune File




 Year Make Engine
LBZ | LLY | LB7 | LMM w/ 6.6L Duramax Engine


  • These are files only! You need an EFILive AutoCal Device to flash these tunes onto any trucks! 
  • We require a stock read file for all Cab & Chassis, Topkick/Kodiak, Van Models. 



Unlike most files on the market, CCS is true custom tuning for your Duramax. Just let us know what you're doing with the truck and we will get you tuning that is written specifically for your truck and your usage. 

Coopers Custom Solutions writes their custom tunes for the Duramax in Canada and is highly regarded as one of the best custom tuners for the Duramax engine. Allow you to make safe and reliable power in your 2001-2010 Duramax.

  • Single, 5 Singles, or SOTF Tunes 
  • Written for Your Truck
  • Requires AutoCal Device
  • Offroad Tuning
Power Levels

By custom tuning a truck, you are given the ability to modify countless parameters to the engine and transmission operation that OEMs had to produce the stock tunes you started with. The number one reason customers choose to tune their trucks is fuel economy. Just by changing the rate of the burn inside the combustion chamber and removing EGR gases (if applicable) from the burn we can extract more energy out of the fuel that was otherwise possible. By extracting more energy out of the fuel we get increased fuel mileage as less fuel is required and an increase of power. 

 A single tune option is perfect for customers who are just looking for a mild tow or economy tune and do not foresee the need to switch tunes. The truck will always run it much like the stock tune, perfect for customers who are not the only ones driving their trucks. We can set up a single tune to any power level or configuration. 

The 5 Tune option is great for customers who want the ability to turn up and down the power of a tune as a result of the changing circumstances in which you plan to use the truck. For example, if the truck is empty you can turn up the power to have a little fun, then turn it down when hooking up to your holiday trailer to minimize stress on the drivetrain.  

Popular CCS Tunes:

  • Stock modified (Deletes)
  • 25hp Tow
  • 45hp Economy
  • 75hp Street
  • 90hp Performance
  • 120hp Race

 Higher Power levels can be written with the proper supporting modifications. Please state the HP level and the supporting modifications.  

VIN License & Link Codes

In order to purchase an EFI Live Vin License, EFI Live requires the serial number of your device and authorization codes. In order to use an Autocal Device to apply custom tuning, it must be linked to the new tuning company you are receiving tune files from. 

Please note, if you are using an Autocal that has been previously linked or used by a different tune provider, you will need to request unlink codes and unlink the device from that tuning company before adding the new tuning onto your device.  

If you have existing tuning on your truck, you will need to contact the tuner for the AutoCal Unlink Codes. They will usually provide you with instructions on how to do this. 



  • Download Most Recent Version of EFILive V8
  • Run a Firmware Update on your AutoCal Device
  • Provide us with Your AutoCal Serial Number & Auth Code
  • Provide us with your VIN Number

Note: Serial Number & AuthCode can be found by going to F7 Licences - F4 Vins  

Installation Instructions: