BD Diesel

1994-2007 Cummins Flexplate (1041210)

  • 1994-2007 Cummins Flexplate (1041210)

BD Diesel

1994-2007 Cummins Flexplate (1041210)


Fits: 1994-2007 Dodge Ram w/ 5.9L Cummins

The BD Diesel Flexplate 1041210 reliably handles up to 1500ft-lb of torque made with twice the material of your OEM Flexplate. Easily installed into any OEM or aftermarket torque converter.   


  • Meets SFI 29.3 Approval!
  • Reliably handle up to 1,500ft-lb of torque
  • Twice the material of the stock flex plate
  • Forged billet
  • Precision-balanced
  • Black Oxide coated to resist corrosion and prevents hydrogen embrittlement
  • Allows axial thrust unlike solid flywheel conversions
  • Fits any OEM or aftermarket torque converter
  • Direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock unit
  • Affordable enough to replace with converter or transmission swap
  • Great for racing, towing or stock!
  • 3 - Year Warranty


Part Number: 1041210

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