One Up Offroad
Part Number: 101041

Under Axle Bar Mount 3 1/2" Axle - U Bolts Down

$369.60 CAD
  • Under Axle Bar Mount 3 1/2" Axle - U Bolts Down-Axle Bar Mounts-One Up Offroad-101041-Dirty Diesel Customs

One Up Offroad
Part Number: 101041

Under Axle Bar Mount 3 1/2" Axle - U Bolts Down

$369.60 CAD
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This is a One Up Offroad, rear axle, traction bar mounting bracket Kit Stock # 101041 This axle bar mount is used with the U-Bolts pointing down in the truck. This bracket is amazingly universal.

U-Bolts pointing down configuration have the U-Bolt nuts on the bottom, under the axle.

The axle tube diameter must be 3 1/2 inch to use this bracket. We have other axle diameter brackets available, so if your truck does not have a 3 1/2 inch axle we do have a bracket for your truck.

Many trucks come from the factory with U-Bolts pointing down, like most GMC’s, Chevrolet’s, second generation Dodge's as well as 2011 and newer Ford Super-duty’s.

On many trucks, if the U-Bolts are still in good shape they can be reused when installing this mount.

This axle bar mount works on most trucks with either 2 1/2 inch wide or 3 inch wide leaf springs.

You can use this under axle bar mount to convert trucks that originally came with the U-Bolts Up applications to the U-Bolts down configuration, this lets you upgrade to 3 Quarter inch U-Bolts in one easy step.

This axle bar mount does not include a U-Bolt kit. The 3 Quarter inch U-Bolts and top plates are purchased separately if required.

This very high quality axle bar mount is cast alloy steel and comes beautifully powder coated satin black.

The powder coating is done in one of the best shops in the northwest. Each part gets sand blasted and dipped in phosphate on a production automated coating system to be sure it is the best coating we can possibly produce.

Every part is hand inspected before and after powder coating to be sure the part meets out high quality standards. After the part passes inspection it is individually wrapped in high quality packaging and boxed in 275lb double wall box to be sure it arrives unmarred.

This is not cheap cast iron. One Up Off Road focuses on building the best functioning products that look as good as they work.


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