Part Number: ZINC0201

Rev-X Zinc Oil Additive (ZINC0201)

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Part Number: ZINC0201

Rev-X Zinc Oil Additive (ZINC0201)

$17.62 CAD
This product ships for free to most Canadian locations! Learn more.
$17.62 CAD
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 Zinc Oil Additive

 ZINC (ZDDP) is widely known to be the prime ingredient to protect flat tappet cams and valve train components within engines using heavy increases in valve spring pressure to control aggressive camshaft profiles. ZINC is also the protective additive necessary to protect older vintage engines that were produced when Zinc was the prime additive used to provide the last measure of protection against catastrophic failure. It is necessary for the proper amount of ZINC to be used in relation to engine oil for the ideal amount of protection.


Zinc provides the proper amount of the ZDDP additive to treat six quarts of engine oil, giving the proper ratio of 3000-3200 ppm for proper engine break-in and protection of high-pressure valve train components. It is important to understand that ZINC is blended with a light base mineral oil that aids in the quick and complete dispersion into any engine oil for fast activation and protection during the first startup.



  • Creates a surface between metal parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact and eliminate wear.
  • Perfect for engine break-in where the new camshaft and lifters need extra protection.
  • Mandatory for all flat tappet engines.
  • Works in both synthetic, and mineral-based oils.
  • With a level of ZDDP at 3000-3200 ppm, it is the most highly concentrated form of ZDDP available anywhere
  • Protects high load components and component failures.
  • Use in every oil change for maximum protection.

How does it work?

As ZINC (ZDDP) is heated it creates a film that coats the engine parts with an anti-wear layer, think of it as a sacrificial layer that will wear away preventing the wear on your vital engine parts. This is very beneficial for flat tappet motors, which have as the name suggests a flat lifter. When the engine is running the cam lobe is in constant contact with the flat surface of the tappet. This creates high temperatures due to the friction between the two. If the protective film created by the ZDDP was not present this heat and friction would wear away at the lifters and cam leading to engine failure.


General Applications:

  • (1) 2oz bottle of Zinc will treat up to 6 quarts of oil


  • For maximum protection, ZINC must be reapplied to engine oil when the oil and filter are changed.


What Is Zinc (ZDDP) Oil Additive? 


Part Numbers: ZINC0201 & ZINC0225


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