Part Number: K-DSL-D4

Rev-X Gold Diesel Fuel & Oil Additive Kit (K-DSL-D4)

$129.65 CAD
  • Rev-X Gold Diesel Fuel & Oil Additive Kit (K-DSL-D4)-Fuel Additive-Rev-X-K-DSL-D4-Dirty Diesel Customs

Part Number: K-DSL-D4

Rev-X Gold Diesel Fuel & Oil Additive Kit (K-DSL-D4)

$129.65 CAD
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Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive  

The absence of lubrication in today’s Diesel fuel is largely responsible for increased numbers of failing fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps in Diesel-powered equipment and vehicles (new and old). The lack of lubrication has been causing problems on equipment and vehicles such as hard starts, excessive white smoke, poor idle and a lack of power. Distance+ GOLD Diesel Fuel Additive provides over 4 times the recommended amount of lubrication to keep any Diesel fuel system running at maximum performance without wear. Distance+ GOLD also delivers a 12 point (maximum) increase in cetane for increased pulling power and economy while cleaning additives keep fuel systems and fuel injectors clean for efficient operation. Distance+ GOLD is an all in one diesel fuel additive that maximizes performance, economy, cleaning power, fuel storage, Lubrication, and much more. 


DISTANCE+ Gold Features:

  • A safe and easy alternative to replace the missing lubricants caused by the desulfurization of ULSD Diesel. Will not damage DPF.
  • Maximizes lubrication for all diesel engines to 4 times the minimum required amount.
  • Replaces missing lubricants that older diesel engines need that are not present in ULSD and Bio-Blend Diesel fuels.
  • Provides the highest cetane boosts on the market, 12-point maximum cetane increase.
  • Increases and restores lost engine power and efficiency.
  • Increases fuel storage life up to 12 months.
  • Super concentrated! 1 fl. oz. treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Increase water dispersion in diesel fuel systems.
  • Significant increase in detergent & lubrication properties.
  • Provides a smoother running engine.
  • Alcohol-free water disbursement package.
  • Neutralizes negative aspects of Bio Blend fuels (B5 - B20)
  • Greatly reduces component wear in 2007 or older diesel engines that require sulfur or other additives the EPA removed as part of the clean air act.
  • Reduces EGT temperatures.



Stiction Fix High-Performance Oil Additive

If you've been looking for an oil additive that ramps up the performance of any lubricating fluid, without any of the harmful additives used in the past, your search is over. Rev-X High-Performance Oil Additive can be blended into all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates high thermal temperatures within treated components providing extended service life for all components and lubricating fluids.

Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high-performance engines. With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components such as Zinc, Sulfur, and many more from today's diesel fuel and engine oils, the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection. REV-X Performance Oil Additive fills that gap and then blows the previous specifications away with above and beyond performance and protection for any lubricated component in your pride and joy!

Stiction Fix HP Oil Additive Features:
  • Relieves Stiction which can prevent fuel injection systems from operating properly   
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque
  • Greatly Improves Starting In Cold Weather
  • Provides Smoother Operation of all Treated Components
  • Extreme Reductions in Component Wear
  • Reduces Operating Temperatures To Increase Performance
  • Increased Lubricant Service Life
  • Can be used in All Types of Lubricating Fluids (Engine Oils, Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluid, Etc).
  • For use in a Huge Variety of Applications That require The Highest Grade of Lubrication Possible
  • Contains No Graphite, Moly, Teflon, Acids or Any Other Harmful Additives
  • Rev-X is safe for all Soft and Exotic Metals
  • Environmentally Friendly Green Product

General Applications:
  • Includes (2) 4oz bottles of High-Performance Oil Additive
    • Each 4oz bottle of High-Performance Oil Additive will treat up to 6 quarts of oil.
  • Includes (1) 8oz bottle of Distance+ Gold High Lubricity Diesel Fuel Additive
    • One ounce of Distance+ High Lubricity Fuel Additive will treat up to 25 US Gallons of fuel  


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Part Number: K-DSL-D4


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