Part Number: DISW0801

Rev-X Winter Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISWxxxx)

$27.93 CAD
  • Rev-X Winter Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISWxxxx)-Fuel Additive-Rev-X-DISW0801-Dirty Diesel Customs

Part Number: DISW0801

Rev-X Winter Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISWxxxx)

$27.93 CAD
$27.93 CAD
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Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive

Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive was formulated in some of the coldest regions of the country to provide real-world data on what a winter-based fuel additive needs. The test results allowed Rev-X to formulate the highest performing winter fuel additive package that boosts all aspects of today's ULSD Fuel in one easy-to-use product at a very economical price. So, whether you are having cold start issues, fuel gelling problems, poor engine performance, or fuel storage issues, Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive is your cold climate fuel solution.


DISTANCE+ Winter Features:

  • Unmatched Winter Performance to -45°F
  • Maximum 12 Point Cetane Increase for increased Performance
  • Reduces Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • Added Lubrication Agents Keeps New and Old Fuel Injection Systems Running Trouble-Free
  • Added Detergent Agents Make Sure That the Entire Fuel System Stays Clean for Maximum Performance
  • Increased Corrosion Protection, Extending Service Life on All Stored Vehicles
  • Water Dispersant Agent Reduces Harmful Water in Fuel System
  • Added Storage Agents Keep Fuel Fresh for Over a Year
  • BioFuel Neutralizing Agent - Eliminates Bio-Fuel Sediment Fallout That Plugs Fuel Systems
  • B5 - B20 Bio Fuel Compatible
  • Reduces Toxic Smoke and Exhaust Emissions
  • Reduces EGT Temperatures
  • The Most Concentrated Fuel Additive Formulation Available (1 oz. treats 25 US gallons above -45°F)


General Applications:

  • Includes (1) 8oz bottle of Distance+ Winter Diesel Fuel Additive
    • One ounce of Distance+ Winter fuel additive will treat up to 25 US Gallons of fuel  


Part Number: DISW0801, DISW1601, DISW01G01, DISW0824, & DISW1618


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