Part Number: DISG0801

Rev-X Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive (DISGxxxx)

$29.41 CAD
  • Rev-X Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive (DISGxxxx)-Fuel Additive-Rev-X-DISG0801-Dirty Diesel Customs

Part Number: DISG0801

Rev-X Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive (DISGxxxx)

$29.41 CAD
$29.41 CAD
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Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive  

The absence of lubrication in today’s Diesel fuel is largely responsible for increased numbers of failing fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps in Diesel-powered equipment and vehicles (new and old). The lack of lubrication has been causing problems on equipment and vehicles such as hard starts, excessive white smoke, poor idle and a lack of power. Distance+ GOLD Diesel Fuel Additive provides over 4 times the recommended amount of lubrication to keep any Diesel fuel system running at maximum performance without wear. Distance+ GOLD also delivers a 12 point (maximum) increase in cetane for increased pulling power and economy while cleaning additives keep fuel systems and fuel injectors clean for efficient operation. Distance+ GOLD is an all in one diesel fuel additive that maximizes performance, economy, cleaning power, fuel storage, Lubrication, and much more. 


DISTANCE+ Gold Features:

  • A safe and easy alternative to replace the missing lubricants caused by the desulfurization of ULSD Diesel. Will not damage DPF.
  • Maximizes lubrication for all diesel engines to 4 times the minimum required amount.
  • Replaces missing lubricants that older diesel engines need that are not present in ULSD and Bio-Blend Diesel fuels.
  • Provides the highest cetane boosts on the market, 12-point maximum cetane increase.
  • Increases and restores lost engine power and efficiency.
  • Increases fuel storage life up to 12 months.
  • Super concentrated! 1 fl. oz. treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Increase water dispersion in diesel fuel systems.
  • Significant increase in detergent & lubrication properties.
  • Provides a smoother running engine.
  • Alcohol-free water disbursement package.
  • Neutralizes negative aspects of Bio Blend fuels (B5 - B20)
  • Greatly reduces component wear in 2007 or older diesel engines that require sulfur or other additives the EPA removed as part of the clean air act.
  • Reduces EGT temperatures.


General Applications: 

  • Includes (1) 8oz bottle of Distance+ Gold High Lubricity Diesel Fuel Additive
    • 1 fl.oz of Distance+ Gold High Lubricity Fuel Additive will treat up to 25 US Gallons of fuel
    • 8 fl.oz of Distance+ Gold high Lubricity Fuel Additive will treat up to 200 US Gallons of fuel  


Part Number: DISG0801, DISG0824, DISG1601, DISG1618, DISG01G01, & DISG55G01


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