Part Number: DIS0801

Rev-X Summer Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISxxxx)

$26.46 CAD
  • Rev-X Summer Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISxxxx)-Fuel Additive-Rev-X-DIS0801-Dirty Diesel Customs

Part Number: DIS0801

Rev-X Summer Distance+ Fuel Additive (DISxxxx)

$26.46 CAD
$26.46 CAD
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Distance+ Fuel Additive

When you are looking for the highest quality summer fuel additive for today's ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, you need to look no further than the Rev-X DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive. The DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive was formulated to be a true all-in-one ULSD fuel additive that requires NOTHING else to be added. DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive boosts ULSD fuel performance to a level that diesel owners simply have not had the opportunity to purchase.


Rev-X Distance+ Features:

  • Year-Round Protection in Warm Weather Areas
  • A Maximum 12 point Cetane Increase
  • Neutralizes Negative Aspects of Bio Blend Fuels (B5 - B20)
  • Improved Cold Starting On All Diesel Engines
  • Increases Detergent and Lubrication Properties
  • Increases Corrosion Protection
  • Increases Engine Performance
  • Reduces Component Wear
  • Reduces Engine and Exhaust Emissions and Toxic Smoke
  • Dramatically Increases Fuel Storage Life
  • Increases Water Dispersion
  • Reduces EGT Temperatures
  • Keeps Fuel Stable to -0°F
  • Many Customers Are Also Reporting Fuel Mileage Gains as Well!

General Applications:

  • Includes (1) 8oz bottle of Distance+ Diesel Fuel Additive
    • One ounce of Distance+ fuel additive will treat up to 25 US Gallons of fuel  


Part Number: DIS0801, DIS1601, DIS01G01, DIS0824, & DIS1618


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