*Discontinued* 2008-2010 Duramax Van EGR Cooler (SD-EGRC-LMM-V)-EGR Cooler Kit-Sinister-SD-EGRC-LMM-V-Dirty Diesel Customs

*Discontinued* 2008-2010 Duramax Van EGR Cooler (SD-EGRC-LMM-V)


Part Number: SD-EGRC-LMM-V

This item has been discontinued.

This Product has been Discontinued

Fits: 2008-2010 GM LMM Van w/ 6.6L Duramax

Sinister Diesel has reinvented the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler with this great new model with the same fit as your factory EGR cooler. If you're tired of clogging in your diesel engine's EGR cooler, or if you just want to prevent future headaches, Sinister Diesel's parent company, Sinister Manufacturing, has created an EGR cooler that looks and fits like your factory model, but works way better than your stock cooler ever did!

This less-restrictive design reduces clogging by replacing the narrow thin-walled inner tubes with high-flow stainless steel tubing for improved reliability and durability. Manufactured with high-quality TIG welds, each EGR cooler is pressure tested and is guaranteed to protect against leakage.

There's no need to do any sort of modification since the SD-EGRC-LMM-V EGR coolers are direct drop-in replacements. Another major concern with the factory EGR Cooler is that when it cracks, it will start forcing coolant into the intake manifold. Once you get coolant in the intake system, it will get fed into the combustion chamber, which usually results in a blown head gasket or hydro-locked motor. When you purchase one of these upgraded EGR coolers, you're being proactive and taking the necessary steps to protect your truck. Don't break the bank, protect your investment and don't waste any more time or money on factory EGR coolers.

 Part Number: SD-EGRC-LMM-V


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