2006-2010 Duramax 3" High Flow Billet Y-Bridge & Intercooler Kit (SDP-1032)

  • 2006-2010 Duramax 3" High Flow Billet Y-Bridge & Intercooler Kit (SDP-1032)-Y-Bridge Kit-SDP-Dirty Diesel Customs


2006-2010 Duramax 3" High Flow Billet Y-Bridge & Intercooler Kit (SDP-1032)

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Fits: 2006-2010 GM w/ 6.6L Duramax


  • True 3" Y-bridge that is perfect for trucks with large twin kits!
  • Tubing with precisely rolled beads to make install easier and keep the boot from blowing off.
  • Includes miscellaneous parts which are all made in the USA such as the black aramid reinforced silicone boots, T-bolt clamps, heat shrink wrap, high temp silicone O-ring and any necessary mounting hardware.
  • Includes both Intake runner to Y-bridge gaskets
  • 2009-10 trucks require a MAP sensor seal which is included in the kit.

The SDP-1032 is SDP's NEW high-flow billet 3" Y-bridge with a full 3” bore! They used computational fluid dynamic software to test the air flow and turbulence in the factory Y-bridge, and using the results from this testing, they implemented a diverter vane on the inlet that splits the airflow to both runners and maximizes flow potential and minimizes air turbulence.

This translates to real world results, you'll notice quicker responsiveness and unbeatable HP gains. SDP machines these on on their 5 axis CNC mill and designed in-house, our 6061 billet Y-Bridge not only has a perfect fit, but is the only Y-bridge on the market of its kind.

Their 5 axis machine Y-bridge requires less setups than a 3 axis machined part, meaning the flange surfaces are machined in the same operation making for a 100% perfect fit every time. Due to the nature of others hand-fabricated units, welding them results in warpage and distortion, they will never fit 100% perfectly. Others 3-axis machined Y-bridges require multiple setups that add time(cost to you) and the potential for human error with misalignment that you will notice on install.

With their steel bolt-on neck, there are no worries about clamping the T-bolt clamp to the silicone boot too tightly and bending the tubing (such as with aluminum tubing designs), and the provided silicone o-ring ensures a proper seal at all boost levels. Other cast designs with 3" OD are typically 1/2" smaller ID (inside diameter) than their billet design, which dramatically reduces the amount of air it will flow.

With SDP's Y-bridge you get the best of both worlds, higher flow AND strength, along with the easiest install for a 3" Y-bridge available!


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