1998.5-2002 Cummins w/ Auto Trans MAX FLOW 4" PRXB Exhaust Brake Kit (C44075)

  • PACBRAKE C44075 | Exhaust Brake


1998.5-2002 Cummins w/ Auto Trans MAX FLOW 4" PRXB Exhaust Brake Kit (C44075)


Fits: 1998.5-2002 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins w/ 3" Stock Exhaust, HY/HY35 Turbo, and Automatic 47RE Transmission

Notes: Designed for OEM Exhaust. Trucks with 4" Aftermarket Exhausts require additional adapter (C11342)

PRXB offers the highest braking power to lowest price ratio available for your 5.9L Cummins. Pacbrake’s flagship product is the unquestioned leader in the supplemental brake industry. Pacbrake has changed the way people think about exhaust brakes by providing performance, safety and durability that is unmatched by any other exhaust brake on the market.


  • The spring controlled pressure regulated mechanism on the exhaust brakes protects against engine overpressure
  • Pacbrake exhaust brakes are designed specifically for individual engine applications to maximize performance and reliability. They are not a one size fits all compromise
  • When the brake is deactivated, exhaust flow is unrestricted and won't interfere with power output Patented 90 degree Non-contacting Butterfly Valve is specially engineered to maximise back pressure while preventing seizing
  • The brakes use industry exclusive Arcor nitride coating on housing and components which increases resistance to wear and corrosion while strengthening the exhaust brake and adding lubricity
  • Precision machined surfaces on the exhaust brake eliminate the need for troublesome gaskets and risk of leakage
  • The brakes have hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel body and shaft with high performance seals
  • Maintenance is as simple as using the exhaust brake on a regular basis and periodically applying Superlube (Pacbrake's multi-purpose heat resistant lubricant which helps to prevent rust and corrosion)
  • Withstands extremely high exhaust temperatures
  • Compliant with latest emission regulations
  • Severe duty & military approved

PRXB Benefits:

  • Delivers the strongest braking horsepower, greatest speed reductions & shortest stopping distances possible without the use of service brakes
  • Maintains optimum retarding performance by maximizing the exhaust back pressure throughout the entire operating RPM range
  • Delivers maximum exhaust pressure (braking) as low as 1200 RPM through to the maximum allowable engine RPM
  • Provides increased performance and peace of mind with technology that protects the engine from the potential of overpressure

Kit Contents:

Every PRXB Automotive Kit comes with everything required for a complete installation. PRXB Exhaust Brake, Controller (when required for application) and AMP Onboard Air Kit, which includes: HP325 Series Compressor, 0.5 Gal Air Tank, 25ft Coiled Air Hose, Air Accessories and Fittings Kit.

Part Number: C44075

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