H&S Motorsports
Part Number: 212003-63

2013-2018 Cummins SX-E Single Turbo Kit (212003-63)

$3,810.53 CAD
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  • 2013-2018 Cummins SX-E Single Turbo Kit (212003-63)-Turbo Kit-H&S Motorsports-Dirty Diesel Customs

H&S Motorsports
Part Number: 212003-63

2013-2018 Cummins SX-E Single Turbo Kit (212003-63)

$3,810.53 CAD
Pay as little as $159 per month with PayBright
$3,810.53 CAD
Pay as little as $159 per month with PayBright
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Fits all 2013 - 2018 6.7L Cummins

H&S Motorsports is proud to introduce the SX-E Turbo Kit for the 2013 - 2018 6.7L Cummins diesel! The Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that comes equipped with the 6.7L Cummins from the factory can quickly become a liability when it is pushed beyond what the OEM designed it for. Excessive drive pressure and exhaust gas temperature are common issues associated with the factory VGT. This kit is designed to replace the factory VGT with a new BorgWarner SX-E unit to provide not only a significant performance increase but also to gain reliability over the factory unit.

We have performed extensive testing of BorgWarner's new SX-E line of turbochargers and they have proven to be a great match for the 6.7L Cummins engine. All SX-E turbo options include the .91 A/R divided (twin scroll) turbine housing and our true divided exhaust manifold takes full advantage of the twin-scroll design. The 73mm turbine wheel is larger than we are used to using, but the twin scroll design helps to retain the response and driveability in the lower RPM range. The benefits of the 73mm turbine wheel include lower drive pressure, lower EGTs, and more power! During our testing, we experienced an average of a 200-degree drop in peak exhaust gas temperatures when compared to the factory VGT. Durability and reliability also play a big part in our parts selection and BorgWarner has stepped up their game with the 360-degree thrust bearing assembly that is featured in all SX-E turbochargers.

You may be aware that BorgWarner's new SX-Compressor housings are not currently offered with a 90-degree outlet option. No problem! As a solution, we CNC machine each SX-E compressor housing in-house to take advantage of the v-band outlet and supply a cast aluminum 90-degree elbow with a v-band clamp. We felt that an aluminum elbow was necessary for this application since air temperatures are going to be the hottest right at the compressor discharge and a silicone boot would not be as reliable. 

Without any fueling or tuning changes, you can expect to pick up at least 60-100 WHP (depending on which SX-E option is used). With complimenting fuel modifications, these turbochargers have been known to put down some serious power!

We offer several different compressor wheel options with this kit:

- 63mm Forged-Milled Compressor Wheel (575-625 WHP)

- 64mm Forged-Milled Compressor Wheel (600-650 WHP)

- 66mm Forged-Milled Compressor Wheel (650-700 WHP)

- 69mm Forged-Milled Compressor Wheel (700-750 WHP)

(All of the above options include the 73mm turbine wheel and .91 A/R divided turbine housing.)

Whether you're looking for a performance gain or just wanting something to replace the stock junk, this kit is a great solution for you. It will make your 6.7L Cummins run like it is supposed to!

Turbo Kit Includes:

  • HSM SX-E Turbocharger
  • SX-E 90-degree Compressor Outlet Elbow & Clamp
  • HSM Divided T4 Cast Exhaust Manifold
  • HSM Downpipe
  • HSM Charge Pipe
  • HSM Polished Intake
  • AFE Air Filter
  • Installation Kit Including all necessary hoses, clamps, plugs, gaskets, adapters, etc.

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